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Shia LaBeouf! No!

photo of shia labeouf pictures hair pics 2012 photo
This post was originally going to be a ‘Love It or Leave It’ post, because normally when there’s something that I absolutely hate, I want to mock it as best as I know how. I saw these photos of boyfriend here, and I immediately went three levels past ‘hate’ and settled comfortably into things like malevolence, mordaciousness, shock, truculence, and virulence, just to name a few. A select few. I could go on, but there IS a post word-count that I try to maintain here, guys.

Anyway. The grease-monkey hair reminds me of Jesse James (or maybe it’s the grease-monkey reference, I don’t know) if Jesse James actually had more hair, and the beard reminds me of some … I don’t know. It just looks fake and I’m not happy with it, OK? I mean, honestly. He looks like the guy you used to covertly buy pot off of in college who always wanted to stick around to see if you’d smoke up him for free, but he’d never get the hint that you just wanted to go back to the sorority house and be all giggly and giddy with your sisters and leave his smelly ass behind the quad in the bush where it belonged. Get the hint, dude.

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