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Was Whitney Houston Murdered?

A photo of Whitney Houston

To get right to that question I posed up there in the headline, I don’t know. I don’t know if Whitney Houston was murdered or not, and neither do you. At least, I hope not. If you knew anything about the cause of Whitney’s death, then you should probably be speaking to authorities instead of perusing gossip blogs. Just a friendly tip!

But hey, since I don’t know the answer, and you (hopefully) don’t know the answer either, you know who might know? The L.A. County Coroner’s Office, the people who are going to let us know what the Whitney’s cause of death was. Oh, and they’re also the people who are getting a number of phone calls from a number of people who are claiming to have information about what happened on the afternoon that Whitney died. Which, apparently, was homicide.

From TMZ:

The L.A. County Coroner’s Office has received phone calls and emails from people claiming to be relatives of Whitney Houston.

Sources tell TMZ … the calls and emails were made by several different people, some claiming to be relatives of Whitney and some relatives of Bobby Brown.  The calls and emails have a common theme — the belief Whitney may have been murdered.  At least one person claimed to have information supporting the murder theory.

At least one caller offered a theory about a relative who might have done Whitney in, but offered no supporting proof.

The Coroner’s Office has not verified the callers were indeed relatives.

The Coroner has already said there was no sign of foul play or trauma, but the official cause of death won’t be determined until toxicology results are in.

An official from the Coroner’s Office says the investigation is ongoing and would not comment further.

Yeah, I’m not buying that at all: I think the first rumor, the one where Whitney’s cause of death was pills and booze, was right on the money. But you know what I am buying? That people will eat up any Whitney Houston story at all. Whitney’s death was strangely unexpected, and she was such a universally known and admired celebrity that so many people want to hear about her and figure out what exactly happened. As an example, my favorite aunt has a really vague idea about what I do over here. She’s not really clear on what a blog is, and she only knows Lindsay Lohan as “that sweet little redhead from The Parent Trap.” But she definitely had a lot to talk about after Whitney died. See what I mean? Universal. You guys see what I mean.

Really, I hope this whole murder thing doesn’t get dragged out any longer, especially for Bobbi Kristina‘s sake. The girl’s having a rough time as it is without all the conspiracies floating around. I hope that the toxicology report comes back soon, and that the truth comes out with it, and that everybody lets it go and watches The Bodyguard together while taking a vow to never mess with crack. That is my fondest wish.

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  • You’re correct. Anyhow, the moment that she had enough money to do so,she made a personal choice to smoke as much crack as she possibly could until it all her money, or her life, was gone.
    End of story.

  • They’re the same morons who think there was some big conspiracy to murder Michael Jackson, or that Tupac / Elvis is still alive.

    • U are the real moron here, dude. Now head down and and be an obedient sheeple. And dont forget, 9/11 was done by Muslims, Neil Armstrong really was on the Moon, there are no alien civilization and Marilyn Monroe killed herself. In ur empty head!

      • XYZ – forget to take your medication this morning or put on your tinfoil hat? The idiocy in your reply is amazing! Where to begin (or end)? Sure, the moon landings (don’t forget, there was more than one, stupid ass) were all filmed in some studio. The rockets that blasted into space that thousands of people saw on the ground were fake, right?

        And the 9/11 attacks were a Jewish conspiracy, with the CIA planning it all?

        I don’t even think you would qualify as “sheeple”, more like “escaped mental patient”.

  • Maybe, u, retards, if ud stop swallowing the shit system shoves down ur throats, u accepted the fact (not the theory) that she was murdered indeed. The showbiz/music industry is a crime industry. Ask the Jewish pig Clive Davis.

  • Dear Anonymous,
    I CARE! I feel that it will come out and no one will be surprised. Hey I used to do a LOT of painkillers and one day back in 2005 Everyone thought I had overdosed but I had 3 pulminary embolisms and just about died, knowing everyone thought it was drugs hurt me because I KNEW it wasnt drugs so please, I BEG of ALL of you, LET WHITNEY REST NOW and let it go. Be grateful she blessed us with her music every day.

  • Whitney might have had a few drugs in her system but it is not far to ascertain that she was murdered… My theory comes from the fact that her daughter and adopted brother are trying to get together… whitney might have been against this and who knows they might have taken her out — all speculations but why are the two all loved up and so happy sooooooo soon after their ‘beloved’ mother passed away?

  • I think she was murdered by someone she owed money to.She was broke,and when you have no money in certain circles,then you are nobody and expendable.The people above her heard two loud thumps,which could have been Whitneys feet kicking the wall while her head was being held under water..RIP Ms.Houston

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