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Kristen Stewart Looks Super Excited About Her New Job

A photo of Kristen Stewart

Yeah, did you know that Kristen Stewart landed a new job? It’s actually kind of a big deal: Kristen is the new face of Balenciaga perfume! She’s going to be a fashion girl, you guys! We’re going to given lots of new photos of Kristen modelling and biting her lip and being incapable of showing emotion on her face, and it’s going to be so pretty.

The news of Kristen’s new job with Balenciaga came out in January, and this is what she had to say at the time:

“I love Balenciaga fashion because it is incredibly bold and forceful, yet feminine and sexy,” Kristen said in a statement. “I found there was a real creative freedom in this project. I feel blessed and really proud to be the face of this new fragrance.”

But right now, Kristen is over in Paris for their Fashion Week, taking care of some business obligations and going to fashion shows and the like, and, judging by these pictures, she doesn’t look too blessed, huh? She looks, dare I say, sullen? Gloomy? In serious pain? So really, no different than usual, I guess.

And, you know, I really don’t want to pick on Kristen too much for this, because I know how it feels, sort of. See, when I’m out and about, where I’m around new people and new sounds and new things to take in, sometimes I can get overwhelmed or caught up in something, and sometimes I can lose myself a little bit. Pretty much every single time I’m out in public with someone, that someone always says something along the lines of “wow, you look like you’re miserable,” or “are you having any fun at all?” And it’s like “shut up, I’m having fun, I’m just not incredibly socialized and there are lots of bright lights and so many things to look at because I’m not in my bedroom!” It’s always really frustrating. What am I supposed to do, smile literally all of the time?

The difference is, Kristen has this great big sourpuss look on while she’s working. She’s trying to make a good impression, in theory, and that constant pout isn’t doing doing her any favors. It’s probably even more detrimental to her career than the fact that she’s an actress who can’t act, and that’s saying something.

Check out these photos of Kristen working in Paris, and let me know if you can see any emotion in there, all right? Oh, and remember that “awkward” and “forced smirk” don’t count as emotions.

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  • Against my better judgement I watched the new Twilight last night and OH MY GOD THAT MOVIE IS PSYCHOLOGICALLY DEMENTED! How is it a teenager movie? It was so fucked up. Nothing gives me nightmares like repressed emotional angst and over the top flesh-ripping sound effects. Also, a vampire biting a baby out as a means of delivery? Why does everyone focus on the fact that they had sex in this movie as the highlight? He chomped a demon baby out of her!

  • i am by no means a KS fan but I’ve got the same issue, i always have a sullen look on my face even when i do feel like rainbows and puppies on the inside. It’s called CBF or chronic bitch face, it happens and its a serious disorder.

  • Emily, I am also exactly like that as well. People always ask me why I’m sad and if “something is wrong”. Lol. It’s super annoying. What do you want from me? I suppose I should be giggling, jumping up and down while clapping my hands like a retarded seal…

    • I say that all of the time! Having a good time + people asking me why I’m not having a good time = me not having a good time. It is the most frustrating, I definitely feel you.

      • i think that, “smile,” is so sexist…a woman has never told me to smile and every time a guy tells me to smile i ask, “if i were a guy would you tell me to smile?”

  • I actually think this is the perfect job for her, she shold stop acting right away and be a model, she’s so passive like a wooden doll,

  • What do you mean she can’t act?
    Seen her in Welcome to the Rileys? Into the Wild? Even Runaways..

    Go see them and see if you still think like that

  • now come on lads and lassies, the gal looks like she hasn’t slept this millenium and shows no emotions…. live with it, lots of people has it, ya seeing this being discussed in a man? noooo… so she has a disorder, she’s a living, breathing human, whats with the fuss, if someone has to have a problem with that, let it be the cosmetic company, but she does need some make up for those awfull bags under her eyes….. lol

  • Well I see the sleeping Dog’s woke up and back to downgrading Kristen Stewart again You know when people focus on one person every waking moment it’s usually and indication that they are very jealous and want to be where she is now. That only means you are to stupid and dumb to work and get there, “Ok so she kissed a married man, how long are you idiots going to punish her? because you couldn’t convince Robert to leave her, and you couldn’t stone her to death so now you’re going to talk her to death and try to ruin her life, well she is back with Rob and they are living together again and taking care of business. You people must be about as devious and mean as that old ass Fashion Police host who thinks she knows all about fashion. I guess if you wear all those feathers and everything else that you wore 2 centuries ago then you are properly dressed. I haven’t seen her in the same outfit every since she has had the show. So why don’t you hater’s and backstabbers shut-up and get a life and quit trying to run someone else for them the girl knows what she wants and how to get it.