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Kristen Stewart Does Elle UK, Still Can’t Stop Sticking Her Jaw Out

photo of kristen stewart doing the cover for elle magazine in a black dress

Girlfriend honestly looks like she has an under-bite when she does it. It looks awful. I mean, I love Kristen Stewart’s look, I think she’s classically beautiful, and if she were a lesbian and I were a lesbian and it was another time and place, I’d totally do her, but she looks way wonky when she juts out that mandible of hers.

Stewart recently interviewed with Elle‘s UK magazine and did the obligatory photo shoot along with it and frankly, if you’ve looked at the photos, there’s absolutely no denying that Kristen Stewart is one grossly gorgeous woman (except when she looks like an uncomfortably sexy bulldog).

And also, it’s clear that the folks at Elle really dig Kristen, too. She was June’s cover feature for Elle US. But they love her fans even more, by giving them a sneak peak at what’s supposed to be a super-uber crazy-Subscribe! Now! Collector’s Edition of the mag. Kristen dishes on Twilight, naturally, and her non-relationship-relationship with co-star Robert Pattinson.

On Twilight:

” … I’m quite nervous about the third one, actually. It’s such a privilege to be able to play a role for so long. Also, it’s such a product now; it didn’t start out as a product.”

On banging Robby Pattie (uh, sort of):

“It’s so weird, that you have to be worries about people seeing things,” KS ‘fesses to the reporter. “You want to be excited about something, normal people can be excited about their lives, and I am, too, but it’s such a different thing. It comes out as entertainment for other people and that makes me want to throw up.”

However, during the course of the interview, the interviewer picks up Stewart’s fallen iPod, and just who happens to be on the wallpaper? Oh, snap. Stewart and Pattinson with their arms around one another. And Stewart’s cat getting in on the embracing. Saccharine.

(Enter millions of Twilight fans screaming.)

Nah, man, that’s cool. I’m glad that they’re kind of, sort of trying to keep their relationship on the down low. I’ve never seen the Twilight movies, believe it or not, and haven’t read the books (just not interested), but I think Kristen’s absolutely hot — and Pattinson? Shit. I thought he was smokin’ way back in his Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire days.

And yeah. Never a Twilight fan, always a Harry Potter fan; don’t judge, haters, just look and the damned pictures and say, “Thank you.”

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  • i blame the photographer more than anything, it’s up to them to catch their subjects and the angle of that photo on the cover is really bad. That paired with the cropping makes it look like she is sitting on the john laying a grumpy.

    it also looks possibly photoshopped which might explain the wonky head.

    in the other pics she is smokin hawt!

  • I have never read a Twilight book or seen a movie either. Just doesn’t interest me. I have friends that LOVE them & I joke that I like more adult vampires that’s why I like True Blood. And I do think that Kristen can be super cute but we rarly get to see it & that’s too bad.

  • Definitely an un-hot cover… how soon are they done with twilight movies so she can go away?

  • Do you have a boilerplate that you use to write all this crap Sara? Could you stop with all the “I’d totally do her, girlfriend” crap? It’s really gotten old.

  • WTF are u saying pattinson is the harry potter dude?? was it a joke, or do you really think that?

  • I’m sorry but I just don’t like her. She could try a little harder to smile now and then. She needs someone to teach her how to act in public and how to speak to people. She always looks hard and cold and unapproachable. P>S. I also don’t believe the Robsten thing.

  • Sarah did you read the interview or just rub one out to the pictures? She intentionally showed the picture to the interviewer, whom described it as Kristen with a “deliciously handsome young man” or some bullshit, not confirming if it was Rob. Innaccurate reporting annoys me

    • Uh, you forgot the “familiar” part:

      “It’s a familiar deliciously handsome young man with an arm around Kristen and an arm around Jella, her cat. Without saying a word, she quickly shoves the device back into the glove compartment and turns up the volume before I can say anything.”

      Oh, and from E! online:

      But that’s not our fave part of the interview. Kristen asks the reporter to grab her iPod out of the glove compartment before going, “Oh s–t.”

      She then launches into an odd rant that only brings one thing to mind: her relationship with BF Robert Pattinson.

      You can read the entire article here.

  • “She takes the iPod back, pauses and bites her lip nervously. ‘This is what I wanted to show you on here.’ Kristen hands me her iPod and shows me a picture.”

  • I love the fact that she seems cold, doesn’t smile, and awkward when in the spotlight. It’s who she is. Insecure. Perfectly flawed.

  • I’ve met her before and she said she juts her lower jaw slightly forward to relieve the tension and pain she’s had in her jaw joint since she was younger. She’s always had a slightly larger lower jaw (think Billie Piper, but not as huge), and it actually causes her a lot of discomfort. Plus she has a passion for acting, not the media, so maybe we should let her continue to make films and stop trying to get her to smile more.