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Guess the Celebrity! Supermodel Edition

Photo: Faceless, anonymous lady

Who is, according to Forbes, the world’s richest (current or former) supermodel?

Here are some clues:

– She was big in the 1980s.

– She has written six books.

– She’s worth $350 million.

Her identity revealed after the jump!


a photo of Kathy Ireland

It’s none other than Kathy Ireland!

Surprised? Don’t be. The former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model quietly made her millions by endorsing just about everything under the sun. And to think it all started with a lowly pair of socks:

In 1993 Ireland started out by slapping her name on a line of socks; Kmart picked it up and the line eventually sold 100 million pairs. Impressed, the big retailer gave Ireland her own clothing line. Now her name adorns everything from sofas to rugs to window blinds. Half of her annual sales are generated by Standard Furniture, which sold $500 million worth of furniture with her name on it last year.

This makes Kathy Ireland the “world’s richest supermodel,” Radar reports.