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Kathy Ireland

The Oscars – The Dresses (Part II)

Things get a little dicey in this batch.

Vera Farmiga (above) may have had the worst dress of the night. The giant maroon doilies sewn together look like the fabric embodiment of this site’s namesake (an evil beet) ingested someone’s grandmother.

Zoe Saldana wasn’t faring much better. She either crawled inside one of last month’s Mardi Gras floats or got in a fight with an ostrich in a Peeps factory… and lost.

Anna Kedrick’s gown was an utterly gorgeous concoction of flowing, diaphanous pale pink, and Pussyfoot (Amanda Seyfried) was stunning in a roll of quilted Charmin.

Miley Cyrus also managed to look really pretty, but since she had the unenviable task of standing next to Seyfried while presenting, wound up looking a little unkempt by comparison.

Also in this group: Deborah Ann Woll, Demi Moore, Diane Kruger, Kathy Ireland, and Mariah Carey.

Elizabeth Taylor on Twitter

Elizabeth Taylor on Twitter

For those of you concerned about such things, if you were wondering when was a good time to jump off the bandwagon, here’s your cue.

Writing under the handle DameElizabeth, Taylor is the latetst of a slew of celebriteis to transmit their thoughts in 140 characters or less. In the hospital for a “routine visit,” Taylor twittered her gratitude to fans and well wishers, which included Kathy Ireland.

Taylor, who has been in and out of ill health for years, had to relay via her rep last summer that she was not at death’s door—but now it sounds as if she’ll be tweeting such news.

The iconic, jewelry relishing thesp seems to have Internet access at the ready, but apparently she’s also looking to add one comfort of home to her hospital room.

“Thanks Darling for the beautiful flowers and all the prayers,” Taylor tweeted about four hours ago to Kathy Ireland. “Now can you just get my puppy past hospital security. Love…”

Actually, this is exactly why I love celebrities on Twitter. Elizabeth Taylor and Kathy Ireland? It’s like a private conversation between the perfume counter and the ladies section at Kmart- and we all get to listen in on it!