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Watch This: Kristin Chenoweth Goes Full Sedaris on ‘Letterman’

Some of you might remember that Kristin Chenoweth is my other spirit animal. (Yes, OK, maybe it’s more of a spirit zoo. I have a whole spirit menagerie that I regularly visit for inspiration.)

Anyway, here is Chenoweth on last night’s Letterman. And I am not kidding: whoa. Chenoweth ordinarily strikes me as cute, chirpy, and sincere, but this time, she goes “full Sedaris.”

Fortunately, I love Amy Sedaris! I love all the Sedares. I wonder whether the Talent Family is in need of another sibling.

I’m not sure whether Chenoweth’s Oklahoman accent matches Amy’s North Carolinian one (my ear honestly has trouble hearing the difference), but shouldn’t these women be best friends, at least? They can go out together for ice cream in matching A-line dresses!

In the video, Chenoweth purports to be on loads of Benadryl. I was skeptical at first, but no, the Jezebel comments section is filled with hilarious Benadryl anecdotes.

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  • ha ha, loved the benadryl stories. I remember taking at work once (not realizing it’s effects!) and sat through a meeting like a zombie. Anytime anyone asked me a question, I would just stare at them. I still laugh when I remember the puzzled looks staring back at me. I just remember that it took me forever to process what people were asking of me.