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Taylor Swift Is Amazing

A photo of Taylor Swift

No really, I mean it. Taylor Swift is an amazing person. I’m using absolutely zero sarcasm right now.

“But Emily,” you might say. “You don’t even like Taylor Swift!” I know, friends, believe me, I know. I think she’s a mediocre musician who needs to live in the present and not in the eighth grade. But you just wait till you hear what Ms. Swift did today, and then you’ll understand. You’ll understand everything.

From E!:

Taylor Swiftknows from “Mean.” And it turns out she’s also pretty familiar with being absolutely lovely.

The country-pop superstar regretfully had to turn down an invitation to attend a prom in New Jersey with 18-year-old Kevin McGuire, who’s battling leukemia.

But Swift came up with one heck of an alternative!

“Kevin, I’m so sorry but I won’t be able to make it to your prom,” Swift wrote on Facebook today. “But I was wondering, the ACM Awards are coming up. Would you be my date? Love, Taylor”

Well, shoot!

What are the chances that, assuming McGuire is able to go, he’ll turn that down?!

The idea of getting Taylor to go to the Sterling High School prom in Somerdale, N.J., originated with McGuire’s big sister, Tori. Knowing that her brother’s spirits needed lifting, Tori started the Facebook page “Taylor Swift take KEVIN MCGUIRE TO PROM!”

“Kevin is the kindest, most noble 18 year old a person could even fathom meeting,” Tori wrote, “and throughout his ups and downs Kevin never even questioned ‘why me?’ Nothing, and I mean NOTHING brightens Kevin’s day more than Taylor Swift.”

McGuire, a varsity football player, was first diagnosed with leukemia when he was 13 and had been in remission since 2010 but recently suffered a relapse.

He is currently undergoing treatment at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia—and it’s an interview he gave to Philly’s Fox 29 about Tori’s efforts that really helped get the ball rolling on Twitter and Facebook. Swift ended up hearing the news while in Australia promoting her latest film, The Lorax.

Are you crying uncontrollably too? Because I just can’t with all this. I know you know that this girl gets on my nerves like no one else, but did you also know that my heart is not so cold to her that I can’t realize when she does something wonderful?

Just to keep the warm and fuzzies going, I’m going to show you guys all my animal babies: my two guinea pigs, my bathroom rat before she became a bathroom rat, and my regular rat. Feel free to keep the adorable going in the comments!