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Nick Carter: “I Didn’t Attend My Dead Sister’s Funeral.”

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Why? Because Nick alleges that his family never told him about it. … I know, right? I just about fell off the f-cking chair, too.

From TMZ:

Nick Carter tells TMZ … he WANTED to attend his sister’s funeral in NY this weekend, but his own family made it impossible for him to be there.

25-year-old Leslie Carter was laid to rest at a small ceremony in Upstate New York this weekend after a suspected prescription drug overdose. Several family members were present at the funeral, including Aaron Carter, but Nick was not.

Nick — who was on the road performing at a concert at the time of the ceremony — tells TMZ, “I wanted to be at my sister’s funeral, but my family has always had a complicated dynamic.”

Nick would not get specific about the circumstances … but sources close to the singer tell TMZ … he feels family members went out of their way to make sure he was not included.

Nick adds, “There are so many emotions for me surrounding the loss of my sister. I am trying to stay healthy, positive, and focused.”

We called Nick’s sister Ginger Carter for comment — she replied, “That’s not true,” and immediately hung up on us.

Others close to the “star” claim that Nick couldn’t be bothered to attend because he had issues of his own to face – like maintaining his career and selling $12 tickets to his crappy shows. Nick himself recently stated that he wouldn’t put the kibosh on his shitty little tour because he felt that continuing the music is what his late sister would have wanted (aside from, you know, not having mental issues and substance abuse problems and that whole untimely death thing):

“Performing is cathartic to me and I am dedicating the rest of my tour to my sister since she loved to watch me perform.”

Dude. I believe that like I believe that the Carters, generally speaking, are a stable, upstanding family much like the Lohans.

Bottom line? I think Nick Carter is a full-of-shit piece of shit. Seriously. I’m not sure that I’ve ever heard things so petty or so selfish in my life. Also? The Backstreet Boys sucked – especially you, Nick.

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  • I don’t know who is at fault but you would think either way that they would make amends for whatever issues they are facing. It’s not only disrespectful but tacky to be fighting when his niece and brother-in-law are probably in need of comfort.

  • The guy lost his sister—no matter what he says/does, he’s got to be feeling anguish. I lost a sister and thinking about their family now, and the dysfunction, my heart just feels broken for them. Sometimes, I think these tragedies are worse when there’s so much dysfunction. It took me YEARS to deal with my sister’s death. I hope they all get the help that they need!

  • People handled grief differently. Maybe attending the funeral was something he really couldn’t handle, for many reasons. That doing so would have been destructive for everyone. It doesn’t mean he cares any less about his sister. He’ll grieve in his own way.

  • It’s shitty that he didn’t attend his own sister’s funeral, and to me there is no reason good enough for him to have done that.

    But to diss the Backstreet Boys? C’mon now! That’s just below the belt!

  • You know whats my bottom line sweet Sarah?? That this is just your crappy opinion.You know nothing about his family so please shut the f*** up.

  • Ok i hate this, i know people have there one words to say about Nick but where you there where you the one who talked to that family when this all happened. You dont know what was said on the phone to him or what was not said. I went to his show and iT WAS NOT 12.00 he did a great show on feb second and i can tell you from watching that show nick as having a hard time dealing with His sisters death. i can tell you right now that if he was told about when they where going to put his sister to rest he would have been there. Nick may have had his own problems but who are you to judge ? that family nick included are still dealing with hear death i think this article was just plan wrong.

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