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So, yeah. We haven’t done a ‘Daily Gosling’ around here in a few weeks, and that’s only because there hasn’t been much interesting stuff going on. And while I love-ish Ryan Gosling, I just can’t justify posting the same photos of him leaving his MMA training sessions barefoot over and over and over again. Honestly, it does nothing for me, and I’m sorry.

Today, however, we’ve actually got some real Ryan Gosling news to report. Time Warner Cable? You’ve heard of them, right? Well all this month, they’ve decided to put Ryan Gosling movies On Demand. Yep, that’s right. You can head to your television sets and watch Ryan Gosling films like Lars and the Real Girl, The Notebook, and Murder by Numbers ’til your eyes bleed. Or until February ends, whichever happens to arrive first (I’m betting on the bloody orbits part, me).

From Time Warner:

Time Warner Cable Digital TV customers have instant access to Ryan Gosling this month on Movies On Demand. Drive will be available the same day as the DVD release. Customers can also get their fix and re-watch a collection of films featuring the popular actor including the award-nominated Crazy, Stupid Love and The Ides of March, along with several other hits. Ryan Gosling On Demand will be available through February 27 and includes the following films:

The Ides of March
Crazy, Stupid Love
Lars and the Real Girl
The Notebook
Murder By Numbers
Remember the Titans

Drive is also available in Spanish (SAP). Customers can watch any of these movies by going to the Movies On Demand channel, selecting “BY GENRE” and clicking on “Ryan Gosling”.

Well. It quite literally looks like the masses have spoken and the media has responded. Just in time for Valentine’s Day. Tell me that wasn’t good planning on TW’s part. Even our darling Daniel Radcliffe is getting in on the action. Just recently he admitted to having his own sort of crush on Ryan:

“This year I have a talent crush on Ryan Gosling. I think he’s fantastic and … you know he’d be nice afterwards. He seems smart. If I was gay, I would go for a smart man.”

So come on. Can an entire television technology scam as well as Harry Potter both be wrong?

Somehow I just don’t think so.

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  • Honestly, he’s not even hot. I mean, he doesn’t look bad, but he’s certainly not HOT (Bradley Cooper deserved that title.)If he was a regular schmo walking down the street, most people swooning over him wouldn’t give him a passing glance. It’s the Leonardo Dicaprio effect that’s working in his favor. All an actor has to do is star in a huge romance drama and start collecting panties.