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How’d Kelly Clarkson Do on the National Anthem?

I don’t know about you guys, but I was not excited about Madonna’s halftime show. “Greatest show on Earth” I’m hearing? Ugh, hardly.

I personally enjoyed Kelly Clarkson‘s ‘Star-Spangled Banner’. It was nice to see a performer actually sing live, and while there were no pyrotechnics and, you know, obnoxious robe-wearing Cee Lo Green to complement her performance, it was solid and my God did she look good. Plus, Kelly’s “choir” beat the ever-loving hell out of Madonna‘s. And there was no CGI that sent me into fits of seizures (but to be fair, it might not have been the CGI that did it – it could very well have been the hot wing dip and the two whole cans of Coke I drank.

But anyway, yes, I did watch the Super Bowl, and I thought it was a crap game. Yes, because I loathe the Giants, and yes, because my team (the Saints) got so close and missed it, and also, yes, because there was really like, two plays that occurred that were “exciting,” but on the whole the entire thing – aside from the promising start, what with Kelly Clarkson’s fine ass belting out the National Anthem and Blake Shelton and his wife doing their thing for ‘America the Beautiful’ – was really, really boring and I think I paid more attention to ‘Words With Friends’ than I did to the game itself.

That, my friends, is a sign that this Super Bowl was just ill-fated.

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