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Watch This: Antoine Dodson’s “Lovesick Lullaby”

My oh my, have things sure changed for Antoine Dodson. When we first heard from him, he was imploring us all to hide our kids, to hide our wives, because they rapin’ e’erbody out here. Then he got busted for driving without insurance and possession of weed. We haven’t heard anything from him for the better part of a year, and just when little Antoine was about to completely and forever slip out of our minds, this happens. “Lovesick Lullabye” happens.

Antoine actually did pretty well here, didn’t he? Better than I expected, anyway. And I know that technology these days is amazing, but don’t you tell me that. Don’t you tell me that this is auto-tuned to hell and back, and don’t you dare tell me that Antoine Dodson needs to stop all this and go back to Lincoln Park. I won’t hear any of it.

See, I believe in people. I believe that if you deserve something, then eventually, one way or another, you’ll get it. And, as you can see by this smooth ass jam, Antoine Dodson deserves to be a star. This is his destiny, and this is only just the beginning.

Did you love “Lovesick Lullaby”? Are you looking forward to the album? Does it bring a tear to your eye to think of how far Antoine has come?