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David Beckham Got Kicked Out of His Kid’s Soccer Game

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Have you ever been to athletic event for children? Some little league game or what have you? Because as a former athlete myself*, I’ve been to quite a few, and there’s usually some crazy parent there who likes to take things way too seriously. You know, the mom who trash talks kids on the opposing team or the dad who yells at the ref for a bad call.

David Beckham is one of those dads:

Galaxy soccer star, English National Team hero and H&M hottie David Beckham revealed to ITV’s The Jonathan Ross Show in London that he got into it with a referee at his son Romeo’s soccer game—and got kicked off the field for it!

The 36-year-old dad explained: “I was watching the kids play the other day, it was the younger kids of Romeo’s club, and there was a penalty given, and the kids are seven years old and he sent the kid off. And I was like, ‘Come on, he’s seven, referee, you can’t send him off.'”

The referee wasn’t having it.

“He looked at me and was like, ‘Yes, I can.’ And he came over and gave me a red card. He told me to get out of the park. For real. The gate was only 20 yards away and I waited and went back in when my son’s game was on.”

Man, this whole situation sounds like a nightmare.  I mean, I always hated those parents who were way too aggressive towards the referee, and I don’t think that would be fun, no matter who was screaming at you, but to be the referee of a soccer game and having to be yelled at by David “Jesus” Beckham? How do you even handle that? I guess by telling him to take his pretty ass on home, but goodness, that had to have been a little intimidating.

Speaking of intimidating, how about David Beckham’s son? It’s like “oh yeah, my dad’s the biggest soccer star in the whole world, so I guess I’m just going to kick this ball around some. Also, I’m nine.” Maybe I’m just especially bad with feeling pressured, but that would send me right over the edge. If little Romeo Beckham is anything like me, expect him to be requiring a wide variety of therapy and psychiatric meds in about five years.

*I was on the basketball team for one season in the sixth grade. I was a necessity on that team, not because I ever scored a single point the entire season, but because my habit of getting hit in the face with basketballs during practice did a lot to boost my team’s morale so that the players who were actually good, like the girl with one arm, did much better.

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  • He was telling the ref what to do. And it wasn’t even HIS kid’s team, for God’s sake. Get over yourself, David Beckham. You are not some soccer interventionist.

  • Damn people it’s pathetic to see how you are so eager to bash on celebs, did you just ignore the fact that he just told the referee to chill out : ‘there was a penalty given, and the kids are seven years old and he sent the kid off. ‘Come on, he’s seven, referee, you can’t send him off.’” ‘

    Nowhere was in mentioned that he yelled or anything. Get over your small person complex you losers.

    • So you would feel free to go to some game your child is not even in and tell the people who are running it how to do their job? I wouldn’t. But maybe that is because I am just a “small person” with manners, not some God-like figure like David Beckham.

  • If the only thing David uses his football game for is to tell adults to let the kids have fun, which is exactly what someone is doing when they send off a seven year old, than it’s a career put to good use. People are ignoring what a huge problem it is that kids are put under so much pressure in sport, at such an early age, that they often lose interest as they enter their trends – when it would do their bodies and minds even more good. I have four kids, all of them captained their teams in HS and two played their respective sports in college. At seven? They should know how much fun it isto run down the fields and to be part of a team, as often as possible without adults involved at all. And people wonder why kids are so anxious these days. Beckham shouldn’t be the real point here, but since he is, he’s always played with the joy of a kid and still does. You see him doing when he’s out with his boys. This story should tell that “little Romeo’s” dad is making sure his kids enjoy their sports as much. Good on him.

  • Americans take their sports way too seriously. Beckham was right in saying that a seven year old does not have to leave the field, unless something like a fight happened. Keep it fun!