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Demi Lovato Couldn’t Have Been in Rehab, Because She Did This Photo Shoot With Tyler Shields

photo of demi lovato pictures photos tyler shields pics photo shoot
So, yeah. Wow. Demi Lovato looking hot all over the place for Tyler Shields. Didn’t Lindsay Lohan do a Shields shoot right before – or after – rehab, too? I’m not saying that Demi was in rehab, but I’m not saying she wasn’t, either. Her “Twitter break” fed enough speculation to last another few weeks or, you know, at least until Wilmer Valderrama breaks up with her again. Plus, she also kind of denied it on Twitter. Demi said, “Don’t believe the hype…. All is well! SO stoked to head to Chile in a few days!!! Love all my Lovatics… MUAH! xo”. She said “MUAH” and “xo”. That definitely doesn’t sound like someone who’s just emerged from rehab, now, does it? Don’t people who just get out of rehab do things like hit babies in strollers with their cars and get photographed falling down on the ground drunk? Or – the best! – rock a pair of cocaine stilettos?

No, Demi wasn’t in rehab. She was doing photo shoots with Tyler Shields and shopping somewhere off the grid. No rehab there, folks.

But she’s probably definitely back together with Wilmer Valderrama. See what she posted on her Twitter the other day?:

“To the one and only @WillyVille – I only hope the world can see what an incredible man you are.. Happy Birthday Wilmer, you deserve it. :)”

Ugh, please get up off his dick already, girl. He’s gross and he’s no good for you, no matter how you try to make him look better or more appealing to the general public. It’s like saying, “Hey, herpes are good for you!” and expecting everyone around you to say, “Yeah, well, you might have something there!”

Come on now.