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Daniel Radcliffe Doesn’t Need An Oscar

A photo of Daniel Radcliffe

Back in November, there was this beautiful rumor that Harry Potter could finally win an Oscar, specifically the Oscar for Best Picture. There were a handful of reasons for this – more ratings, the last Lord of the Rings movie won Best Picture when it came out – but the idea was the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 had a pretty solid chance of at least receiving a nomination, and a well-deserved nomination at that.

But, as you know, the nominations for the 2012 Academy Awards have already been announced, and Deathly Hallows is nowhere on that list. Or, ok, it’s actually on the list three times because it received nominations for Art Direction, Makeup, and Visual Effects, but that’s neither here nor there. What is here and there is the fact we will never be able to see those darling kids, little Daniel Radcliffe, adorable Rupert Grint, and gorgeous Emma Watson, up on that stage, receiving the awards that they, along with every single person involved with these movies, have earned.

But hey, it doesn’t bother Daniel Radcliffe one bit. He doesn’t need your Oscar, he doesn’t need your approval. and he doesn’t give a f*ck. Well, all of that, but with more grace:

“I didn’t expect it to be nominated for Best Picture, and no, it doesn’t faze us,” Radcliffe told Moviefone. “Just because we’ve been around for a long time, and made a lot of movies, I don’t think when you come to the end of that series that anyone’s obligated to say you’re best picture. Obviously it would have been lovely, but I don’t think it’s something we’re going to be losing sleep over.”

Not surprisingly, Radcliffe doesn’t really place a lot of weight on the Academy Awards as a whole — and sits on the fence when it comes to winning one as an individual.

“I have mixed feelings about awards for actors in general,” he said. “Obviously it’s a lovely thing to be recognized by the public or by your peers, and I’m sure that’s a very gratifying thing. But I always have a moment when I watch those big ceremonies… we love to pat ourselves on the back in this industry, and we like to tell ourselves how well we’ve done and how amazing we are. It’s all very self-congratulatory.”

As for some British press talk of him winning an Oscar for “Woman In Black”?

“That’s very kind, but very insane.”

And this is just one more reason why we love Daniel Radcliffe.

Real quick though, check out these pictures. How crazy does he look here? I realize he’s being silly for the camera, but Dan, honey, come on. Get some rest, sweetheart. I’m only saying this because I love you, but those bags under your eyes, my goodness. Take a break, then come back and resume your role as the most adorable person who ever existed, all right?

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  • I love him, and it’s refreshing to hear him say that about awards. I’ve always felt that way about it. Acting shouldn’t be about getting statues and praise from every which way. It should be about loving what you do, and that’s why you should do it, not for the glory.

    Anyway, the Harry Potter series doesn’t need any fancy awards. I think having legions of fans is what counts above anything else.