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Heather Locklear Brings the Sadness

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Hey, did you guys know that Heather Locklear, like, OD’d sometime over the last few weeks? She did. I knew it, but aside from when she played Amanda Woodward on the original Melrose Place, I didn’t really have an interest in her. And I still don’t, but I wanted to talk about how sad it’s got to be lately to be Heather Locklear and the segueway of her re-decline is probably a good place to start. She apparently overdosed on prescription pills and alcohol sometime earlier in the month, stayed in intensive care for a few days, and was only just released from the hospital last week. Despite tons of stuff already going down in her life (her recent breakup with on-again, off-again fiance Jack Wagner and general career suckage), her rep insists that the overdose was not intentional and was not a cry for help. Um, OK?

From Us Weekly, a full outline of what Heather’s been dealing with over the last few months:

It was never too early to drink for Heather Locklear. About twice a week, she would leave her house in Westlake Village, California, throw on a pair of dark sunglasses and head to her favorite watering hole along. “She come in around 10:30, 11, sit by the bar and have two or three vodkas on the rocks, easy,” an eyewitness tells Us. “She always seemed so sad and lost…”

“Heather has been a mess for the last several months,” says an insider. And her drinking only escalated after she and her beau of four years, Jack Wagner, split in November, calling off their three-month engagement. “She doesn’t get out of bed most days,” says the source. The situation was so dire, in fact, that her daughter, Ava, 14 has been living with her Bon Jovi rocker dad, Locklear’s ex-husband Richie Sambora. Now that Locklear is home from the hospital, says the source, “her family is terrified. They think she’ll hit rock bottom before she finally admits she needs serious help.”

According to sources at People, Heather’s currently weighing her options and deciding whether or not rehab is in the future.

So, why so sad, Heather? I mean, I know that it’s no longer the eighties and you’re not backstage at Bon Jovi shows blowing lines of coke up your nose with $100 bills that you later blow your nose with and then toss in the trash, but it’s still a good time to be alive. Don’t give up just yet, girl. There’s some of that spunky, devious, don’t-get-me-down Amanda left in you somewhere, I just know it. Also – stop with the pills and the booze. That’s just a catastrophe waiting to happen. Again.

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