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Guess the Celebrity Tattoo!

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What a … a lovely foot, huh? It almost looks like the foot of your average, non-celebrity person, if your average, non-celebrity person weighed more than eighty-five pounds soaking wet. This here foot actually kind of reminds me of the dusty old skeleton that used to sit in the corner of my biology class in high school. I sat at a lab table next to that damned skeleton for my entire junior year, and instead of jiggling my foot whenever I’d get bored, I’d slide my shoe underneath the skeleton’s foot and jiggle its foot instead, and boy what a fun noise that made.

Needless to say, my biology teacher loathed me with a passion.

Anyway. This is a celeb’s latest tattoo, and the celeb in question is no stranger to the needle – the celebrity already has a few tattoos, but this one is, by far, the most … um. “Intriguing” would be the best way to describe it, I guess, if we weren’t trying to be flat-out insulting. The script clearly reads, “The only one that matters.”

Can you guess who that bony, sentimentally-tatted-up foot belongs to? Of course you can!

Oh hell, that one was easy. You’re right. It’s LeAnn Rimes.

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Would you really expect much else? I mean, come on. “The only one that matters”? She said it came up in a conversation held between her and Squints this past week, so of course, the impetuous LeAnn “He Likes Me; He Really Likes Me!” Rimes had to go and get it permanently inscribed on her foot.

That is, of course, if Eddie was the one who told her that she was the only one who matters (coming from a guy with two kids, that’s nice. Real nice). Maybe it was a reversal, and LeAnn was squawking about how much she loves Eddie and how she hopes he never leaves her or cheats on her with another co-dependent twelve-year-old in a thirty-year-old’s body that’s also kind of horse-looking. Or it could be that maybe she was the one doing all that wishful thinking, and by etching the quote on her foot, constantly reminding Eddie of THE VOWS HE MADE IN FRONT OF GOD AND THE LAW, SON.

Or, the third and final option, she had an attack of self-worth and wanted to make sure she carried it with her wherever her feet took her. That a better explanation? Sure, it sounds more admirable, but I’m willing to be it’s one of the other two. And if that’s the case, damn, LeAnn. Just damn. Please don’t ever have kids, OK?

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  • First off all, shouldn’t the tattoo say “the only one WHO matters” and not the “the only one THAT matters”?

    When did Eddie tell Leann this? Was this after he was flirting with her friend? Most importantly why would a conversation like that even come up? Leann makes it sound like Eddie she caught Eddie in bed with another woman.

    Secondly, Leann’s tattoo isn’t special, it appears that Eddie uses that line on all his sidepieces. Someone found an interview from 2009 where Eddie’s other mistress(Scheana Jancan,) says this about her affair with Eddie Cibrian: “Amazing. I mean, it was just like no one else mattered. It was just me and him.” Leann must have forgotten about Scheana interview.

    Third, Leann’s tattoo was damage control. Scheana Jancan was on the RHOBH last night, she was a waitress at one of Lisa’s restaurants. So how interesting that the day before Eddie’s mistress(Scheana Jancan) makes a cameo on RHOBH, Leann goes out and gets that tattoo. And then as the show is airing, Leann sets up a staged photo-op with Eddie at Nobu. So if Eddie is the loving and faithful husband that Leann claims he is, why was the tattoo and then the date night in response to Scheana Jancan’s appearance on RHOBH even necessary?

    Fourth, Scheanan Jancan is the woman Life and Style reported that Eddie was cheating with while he was supposed to be committed to Leann in back in 2009. Eddie was so “devasted” that Life and Style exposed his affair with that woman, that he filed a law suit against Life and Style for a billion dollars. What ever happened to that lawsuit?

    Fifth, after Life and Style reported that Eddie had started seeing Scheanan again in Oct 2009, Leann went out and got a “TRUST” tattoo. So when Leann gets a tattoo, it’s simply because she is trying to hide Eddie’s fidelities or convince people that all is well in her relationship with Eddie.

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