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Rumor Mill: Brian Austin Green Demands $200K from His Ex

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

What is going on with Brian Austin Green? This whole story about Mr. Megan Fox is extremely fishy. Here goes:

Back in 2000, Brain Austin Green and Vanessa Marcil started dating. I mean they had been on 90210 together and one thing led to another and they started dating. While they were dating, Brian says that Vanessa asked to borrow some money.

So, on four separate occasions he lent her $50,000 for a total of $200K. Then she got pregnant with their child. Brian says that the deal was whenever he needed the money he would notify her and she would pay him back.

Well, 11 years later and he wants his money back. I guess 2011 was a bad year for BAG because he says he asked Vanessa for the money in November and she said no. She claims it is a gift.

Waiting 11 years seems like a really long time to collect on a debt and I don’t think he is going to be able to do anything about it. BAG must be really desperate for cash to go after the mother of his child. He has not needed it for a decade, but suddenly now he needs it?

First of all, I barely knew Brian Austin Green had a son (named Kassius, since you were wondering).

I did remember that he had dated Tiffani-Amber Thiessen—thanks for that info, Sassy Magazine!—but I did not know about his relationship with Vanessa Marcil, who is now 43. For whatever it’s worth, the soap actress is married and attempting to have a child with her husband: I’m not too sure now is the moment to try to wring her of $200K.

I did know that Brian Austin Green briefly pursued a career in music. I did not know he released an album, “One Stop Carnival,” as a rapper.

My take? Brian Austin Green is weird. This whole rumor is weird. Is it some sort of “spousal support” thing?

I don’t exactly have my nose in Megan Fox’s finances, but I’m pretty sure she has the moolah to help her husband out. I wonder why he suddenly feels entitled to two hundred grand from a former flame.

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  • honestly, he lend her money and wants it back – whats wrong about that? if u guys lend somebody 200k u would want it back too …

  • I doubt he needs to borrow money from Megan Fox. He’s been working A LOT longer than her and has made some pretty good coin so far.
    Seems rather odd to wait all this time to ask her for the money back, but people have soft hearts sometimes and get a rude awakening when they expect to be paid back (rightly) and get told “Nope, not going to happen”.

  • I can’t see anyone giving a flame $200K as a gift, unless it is the form of some sort of good…If she took to money she owes it I say ,no matter how much time has passes…Especially if the agreement was when he needs it he’ll ask for it back…It seems kind of trifling to say no, lol