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Jimmy Fallon Presents: David Bowie + Tim Tebow = TEBOWIE

OMG, I just about peed when I saw this video earlier today. Granted, it’s not hard to make me have to pee these days – a good laugh or cough will bring it on – so I’m sure y’all understand.

This is Jimmy Fallon ripping off David Bowie‘s “Space Oddity,” (one of my favorite Bowie songs of ALL time, and if you guys have spent any amount of time here on Evil Beet, you’ll know that we’re big Bowie fans around these here parts) and if you don’t know who Tim Tebow is for whatever reason, he’s the uber-Christian quarterback for the Denver Broncos who’s been linked to Katy Perry (as if) and who’s playing against the New England Patriots in this weekend’s playoff matchup. Here’s the relatively hilarious lyrics to go along with the song, if you can’t view the video:

Tim Tebow to Jesus Christ
Tim Tebow to Jesus Christ
Can’t win by myself but with your help I might

Tim Tebow to Jesus Christ
Commencing 4th down “Hut, hut, hike”
Snap the football and may God’s love be with me

This is Jesus Christ to Tim Tebow
Please leave me alone
Don’t you know my day of rest is Sunday?
And I’m sick of watching all these Broncos games

I hear that you play New England next week
Dude, you’re on your own
Brady is too good and I got better things to do

So I passed 316 yards
There’s still two games to go
If I want to make it to the Super Bowl
And show everyone on Earth how to Tebow

Tim Tebow to Jesus Christ
The Broncos won we’re still alive
Come on everyone Tebow
Come on everyone Tebow
Come on everyone Tebow
Come on everyone Tebow

I know we don’t do a whole lot of football-talking around here, but I like it, it’s something that I’m into, and I’m actually pretty pumped about this upcoming weekend. Do you want to hear my picks? No? Too bad. You’re going to, and you’re going to like it. Or at least be OK with it and forgive me for the non-celebrity-ish-related post that I craftily snuck in under the guise of the delightful Jimmy Fallon and the legendary David Bowie and the really hot Tim Tebow.

I say Saints over 49ers, Broncos over Patriots, Ravens over Texans, and Green Bay over Giants. And THEN? Next week? I say it’s going to be Saints over Green Bay for a spot in the Super Bowl, and the Broncos over the Ravens for a spot in the Super Bowl.

So. I’m sorry. Really, I am. Were you able to get through that without gagging? Or, maybe, I don’t know, you liked it. Was that the case? Because if it was, I’ll give you a chance to voice your picks. Check it out if, you know, that’s your thing, too.

Saints and 49ers?

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Broncos and Patriots?

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Green Bay and Giants?

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Ravens and Texans?

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Last question! Now how do you feel?

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