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Ooh, Emma Watson’s Got a New Boyfriend

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According to our friends at Lainey Gossip, this is Emma Watson‘s unknown new boyfriend, who – duh! – just looks so much more a winner than her last boyfriend, Johnny Simmons.

I mean, he’s cute and doesn’t necessarily have bad taste in either shoes or bottled water, but the pants? The hair? The coat? I just don’t know, guys. I’m not sure I buy that this is anything more than the best friend who’s in love with his best friend but doesn’t have a chance because his best friend is oblivious to anything that her best friend does when it comes to romance. Friends. I just don’t see Emma shacking up with a guy that wears brand-new-off-the-shelf red pants, complete with pocket creases. Could you just imagine how they’d look on the floor of her bedroom? This guy doesn’t take his pants off, he probably steps away from them instead. The bastards’d be standing up on their own.

Anyway, I guess what I’m trying to say in the nicest way possible is that I give Emma a lot more credit than this. If you want to go furry-rogue, Emma, why not try for Taylor Lautner? He’s cute, he’s just about your age, and he’d look a lot better in no pants than in brand-new red pants. Give it a shot for us, huh girl?

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  • LOVE a man in red pants! HATE the coat. Taylor Lautner could never pull off pants like that. And I mean, really, Taylor Lautner??? Emma Watson is a little fresh-faced artsy girl, why would she go for a doucher like Lautner?? Geez, this website really is going down…

  • He is an amazing person, very talented, and has a fun sense of style. Why pick on him, find something better to do with your time. They both look so happy together.

  • I think Emma is awesome, but, truth be told, I think she has very bad taste in guys. Before now she picked someone that was seven years older than her, and now this? Really, I have always thought she should be with some super cute guy. I know I’m just judging him by his looks, but really?! She deserves better.