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Oh, Good Grief, AnnaLynne McCord

Photo: Topless pics of AnnaLynne McCord

In a perfect world I would not know who AnnaLynne McCord is, but this is the real world, where Miss McCord is inescapable. Also—and I am loath to admit this, friends—I went through a 90210: the New Class phase. I don’t know! I guess I wanted to see whether Rumer Willis were any good at acting. Don’t you judge me.

Anyway, late last night, I was logged into my Twitter account—oh man, this is never a good idea, you guys—where I was tweeting photos of my childhood unicorn collection. In other photos you can actually see all the Xanth novels. Yikes. One guy was like, “Wow, Jenn, you really are a 12-year old,” and I was all, “No doiii” and “90210 is my favorite show.”

So that’s how I was busy humiliating myself late last night, thank you.

Meanwhile, AnnaLynne McCord was doing the exact same thing!

Well, almost the exact same thing. Substitute “nipple” for “childhood unicorn collection,” and that’s what AnnaLynne McCord was doing. Gawker’s Maureen O’Connor will expound:

Perpetual sexy schoolgirl AnnaLynne McCord, who regularly makes out with her sister in front of cameras, took a topless picture of herself last night and tweeted it at a random fan, who apparently sat in dumbfounded silence when she saw the “gift” AnnaLynne had tweeted at her. “@IAMannalynne <333 ahh thanks! you are so sweet! and thats definitely a great picture!," replied @Meganrae, a random girl from Colorado with a Blogspot about nail polish. AnnaLynne actually removed the R-rated photo and replaced it with a PG one, and apparently had a DM conversation with @Meganraee about it.

And Gawker! Be honest! Those “gold stars” are tacit approval of this kind of raunchy behavior! I mean, really!

Hmm. Whether or not the nipple was on purpose (I’m guessing no), maybe it isn’t that big of a deal anyway. A little toplessness never hurt anybody, mom.

But seriously, yow! AnnaLynne! Keep this up and you’ll have more followers than Oprah!

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