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AnnaLynne McCord

Stars Without Makeup: AnnaLynne McCord

photo of anna lynne mccord no makeup pics
The caption to this photo—which was posted on AnnaLynne‘s Twitter account:

I woke up this morning and decided I’m over Hollywood’s perfection requirement. To all my girls(and boys) who have ever been embarrassed by their skin! I salute you! I’m not perfect – and that’s okay with me!

Can I tell you how much I love this? Because I do. When I heard that AnnaLynne decided to do this, I was all like “Ugh, this bitch is going to pretend that she’s not wearing any makeup but you just know that she’s going to have that primer foundation on with a light dusting of pearlescent powder and the only makeup she’s not wearing is eye makeup and lipstick and why the f-ck is she even going to bother” and guys! I was wrong!

I’m completely behind AnnaLynne for what she did here, and not only is she pretty, it’s one of those circumstances where she looks way, way better like this than she ever could with all of her shellacked-on war paint, looking like this:

photo of annalynne mccord pics

Oh, Good Grief, AnnaLynne McCord

Photo: Topless pics of AnnaLynne McCord

In a perfect world I would not know who AnnaLynne McCord is, but this is the real world, where Miss McCord is inescapable. Also—and I am loath to admit this, friends—I went through a 90210: the New Class phase. I don’t know! I guess I wanted to see whether Rumer Willis were any good at acting. Don’t you judge me.

Anyway, late last night, I was logged into my Twitter account—oh man, this is never a good idea, you guys—where I was tweeting photos of my childhood unicorn collection. In other photos you can actually see all the Xanth novels. Yikes. One guy was like, “Wow, Jenn, you really are a 12-year old,” and I was all, “No doiii” and “90210 is my favorite show.”

So that’s how I was busy humiliating myself late last night, thank you.

Meanwhile, AnnaLynne McCord was doing the exact same thing!

Well, almost the exact same thing. Substitute “nipple” for “childhood unicorn collection,” and that’s what AnnaLynne McCord was doing. Gawker’s Maureen O’Connor will expound:

Perpetual sexy schoolgirl AnnaLynne McCord, who regularly makes out with her sister in front of cameras, took a topless picture of herself last night and tweeted it at a random fan, who apparently sat in dumbfounded silence when she saw the “gift” AnnaLynne had tweeted at her. “@IAMannalynne <333 ahh thanks! you are so sweet! and thats definitely a great picture!," replied @Meganrae, a random girl from Colorado with a Blogspot about nail polish. AnnaLynne actually removed the R-rated photo and replaced it with a PG one, and apparently had a DM conversation with @Meganraee about it.

And Gawker! Be honest! Those “gold stars” are tacit approval of this kind of raunchy behavior! I mean, really!

Hmm. Whether or not the nipple was on purpose (I’m guessing no), maybe it isn’t that big of a deal anyway. A little toplessness never hurt anybody, mom.

But seriously, yow! AnnaLynne! Keep this up and you’ll have more followers than Oprah!

Love It or Leave It: Anna Lynne McCord Goes Trucker-Chic

photo of hot anna lynne mccord trucker hat green tank top pictures CW photos

I know we don’t really talk a whole lot about Anna Lynne McCord in these parts, half because we don’t watch 90210 and half because girlfriend just isn’t all that interesting, but I positively had to touch upon what she wore to a recent CW party.

The hat was probably pretty edgy back in, you know, 2001 and the rest of the outfit looks like it came from the bargain bin at a thrift shop (and don’t get me wrong: I love, love thrift shops; it’s just that this particular bargain bin must have accidentally had all of Walmart’s Miley Cyrus line discarded into it and then thrown up on by someone who listened to too much Sk8er Boi growing up; bad bargain bin, bad).

What do you guys think – is it easy, breezy summer fashion, or are you thinking what I’m thinking and thinking “What the hell are you thinking, Anna Lynne McCord?”

Q: Which McCord Sister is the Most, Uh, Comical-Looking?

photo of anna lynne mccord and sister angel topless jump in a pool party pictures photos

A: TRICK QUESTION, BITCHES! The answer is ‘both of them!’

AnnaLynne and her lesser-known sister, Angel, were photographed this past weekend out and about in LA and the paparazzi caught them both in less-than-flattering faces. (But don’t take it to heart from me – I’m someone who takes random, unstaged photos looking like I suffered some kind of stroke. Seriously? If you ever take my picture and want it to look OK, don’t surprise me with it. Guaranteed it’ll come out looking like ass.)

Angel McCord, though not as famous as her oh-yeah-so-totally-famous sister, is really trying hard. Sources at Britney Spears’s most recent party claim that Angel wagered nudity to hedge a bet this end, and someone (I’m still trying to figure out who in this case) won:

Annalynne McCord’s equally attractive sister, Angel, upstaged Britney Spears the other night by jumping into a pool in her underwear in front of 170 guests at a Britney-hosted LA dinner for the St. Bernard Project, which helps those still homeless after Hurricane Katrina. Angel offered, “My sister and I grew up in a trailer park — it is important we raise money. And if we get over $15,000, I’ll take off my dress and jump in the pool.” A spy reports, “A guy stood up and said, ‘Done!’ She took off her jewelry, called her friend over to unzip her dress and jumped in” — drawing cheers from Selena Gomez, Hilary Duff and Reggie Bush.

So yup. Imagine that: a McCord doing something embarrassing and inappropriate at a partyful of people who are way, way more famous (for more admirable things) than she. Go figure.

Put This In Your Spank Bank: AnnaLynne McCord Dressed As a Na’vi

When one of the hottest TV actresses out there dresses up as a character from one of the biggest nerd movies of the decade, that’s bound to do something for someone. That’s the very first thing I thought of when I saw these photos of AnnaLynne McCord shooting scenes for 90210 in full Na’vi. I mean, this is basically SFW jerk-off material (pardon my language!) for an entire set of people out there.

I predict that this gallery will garner millions of hits over the years, all from the same fifty-something IP addresses.

Fetish community, you have a friend in me.

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Apparently, AnnaLynne McCord is Dating a Model

photo of aaron mcconnell male model anna lynne mccords boyfriend pictures of a male model

According to sources at People magazine, McCord was caught partying pretty hard with a male model this past Halloween weekend, Aaron O’Connell. Don’t know who he is? Never fear; I didn’t ’til I Googled him, either. And then?  I still didn’t. But I was able to appreciate his marginally good looks – I mean, he looks like every other nameless, faceless male model out there that poses for Abercrombie & Fitch, and hey. Nothing wrong with that, is there.  There can never been enough beauty in the world, I suppose.

Word on the street is that McCord and O’Connell were allegedly all over one another this past Saturday at Lavo Las Vegas, where the pair sipped on champagne, rode one another’s lap (OK, it was just Anna Lynne riding his lap, but I like the dual imagery there), and snapping photos each other on their camera phones. An eyewitness claims:

“They were all over each other. There were definitely not trying to hide anything. They were dancing all over each other and didn’t separate.”

So, yeah, great. I don’t know about you, but I’m not terribly impressed with AnnaLynne McCord. I don’t watch the new 90210, so I don’t know if she’s even remotely talented or not, but as far as some of the hype that surrounds her hotness, I think it’s pretty contrived. It’s not to say that she’s not a cute girl, she is; I just don’t get the fascination that some people have with her. She’s … average. She’s got an average body and an average face and she’s not unattractive. So, OK. We get it. AnnaLynne McCord is ‘good’ enough to land a sub-par male model whose biggest claim to fame (according to his portfolio) is a half-decent Lucky Jeans campaign. We can all sleep at night now.

Still unsure of AnnaLynne’s validity as a young, edgy, sex symbol? Let these photos make up your mind.

Adrian Grenier is Doing 90210 Now?

Fuckin’ celebrities. It’s as if being famous for being decent at one thing is never enough for them.

Adrian Grenier (the dude who plays Vinny on Entourage and Melissa Joan Hart’s love interest in the greatest movie of the last century, Drive Me Crazy) and his band The Honey Brothers are set to appear on an upcoming episode of 90210. Acting wise, Adrian’s playing a possible love interest for AnnaLynne McCord, but seeing as he’s only slated to appear in one episode, I’m thinking that nothing’s going to materialize between the two.

Who still watches 90210? Has it been any good this season?