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Rumor Mill: Steven Tyler Is Engaged! Probably

A photo of Steven Tyler and Mickey Mouse

You know what I like about Steven Tyler? You hardly hear about Steven Tyler. The man has even tried to be up-front about the skeletons in his closet—he published a sex/drugs/rock and roll tell-all this summer—but there’s just something about Steven Tyler that makes you go “Oh, huh, OK.” Like, there is almost nothing Steven Tyler could say or do that would make you clutch your pearls or call for smelling salts or otherwise feel titillated in the slightest.

Anyway. Steven Tyler is almost certainly engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Erin Brady. “Oh, huh, OK,” right? The couple has been dating since 2006, though! That’s practically unheard of!

I was watching Inside Edition yesterday (with my mother; yay for the holidays!), and they tried to inject the news with a little melodrama, saying that Tyler’s family is unhappy about the news. Why? Because “Erin Brady is mean.” That was word-for-word what Inside Edition reported. Heh.

I, for one, am happy for the aging rocker.

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