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Woody Woodpecker Is Going to Star in a Feature Film

We all moan at the Hollywood movie machine, what with all its big-budget rehashes. And, ugh, especially the CG demakes—I mean, Garfield? The Smurfs? Yogi Bear?

But I’ll tell you the truth: I would love to be that sinister movie executive who trolls Wikipedia in the middle of the night, searching for ever-more-obscure movie ideas, ordering tens of writers at a time to write up live-action versions of Akira or whatever, just basically flinging spaghetti at the kitchen sink.

If I were a sinister movie executive, bereft of all creativity, I would order up a live-action Jetsons! Live-action Jonny Quest! Live-action Bravestarr! Live-action Archie, where only Jughead is computer-generated! (But he eats real hamburgers, and real food sprays everywhere when Jughead eats or talks. Live-action Jetsons might do the same type of thing with Rosey and Astro. See? I have totally thought this through.)

Point is, a Woody Woodpecker movie is in development. That’s right: this is really happening. You can’t stop it. Don’t try to fight it.

I wonder which version of Woody Woodpecker they’re planning to go with. I mean, every iteration of Woody Woodpecker has been ragingly obnoxious, but the character has been revamped over and over since the ’40s. I grew up with a totally radical 1980s woodpecker, for instance.

John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky, who together make up half the writing team that penned Blades of Glory, are writing the Woody Woodpecker script. (Altschuler executive-produced King of the Hill, so it can’t be all bad, can it?)

George of the Jungle. Now there was a movie. Am I right or what?

Hey! If you were an emotionally and creatively bankrupt movie exec, what would you remake?

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  • I have always liked Foghorn Leghorn. When I was a kid, a local TV station played cartoons all afternoon. And not just the newer ones, some from the forties. So thanks for the Woody Woodpecker video, it reminded me of coming home from school and sitting on the floor watching cartoons. (Even if this particular cartoon is a little sick :-)

    • Heh. True story: this is the only Woodpecker cartoon in the public domain! (Or so I read.)

      Anyway, thanks back! Aw! Maybe I was more of a Roadrunner girl, but I was super into Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies and PBS (well, and also Ninja Turtles and Batman) after school. :D