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Hilary Duff Made An Odd Choice in Maternity Wear

photo of hilary duff pictures photos pics maternity dress green unflattering photo
For a lot of women, pregnancy is that wonderful time in your life when absolutely nothing fits you the way you want (including maternity clothes), your boobs grow to epic proportions and completely change the dimensions of your bra, and your ass, abdomen, and aforementioned boobs fight to win the “let’s see who can get the biggest, fastest” race (results may vary from woman to woman).

Hilary Duffbeautiful, glowing Hilary Duff – is experiencing just this. However, her major faux pas here is trying to cover up those quickly-swelling tits of hers with – what is that, sequined canvas? – unrelenting fabric that leaves no breathing room for those things and cuts her neckline in half.

From a pregnant lady with an unmanageable chest to a pregnant lady with an unmanageable chest: learn your lesson. Let those girls breathe, woman.

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  • She was born a rich girl, living off the pretty face, trust her she is very much pregnant.. never asks, does my…. look fat in this.. often if they dress like a stuffed sausage, it’s only going to be one baby and she’s making the most of it..