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Watch This: Jennifer Love Hewitt on ‘Kids Incorporated’

Ha! Check out Jennifer Love Hewitt‘s dewy-eyed rendition of “Don’t Give Up.” Those bangs!

It’s pretty common knowledge that Jennifer Love Hewitt began her showbiz career with a role on “Kids Incorporated,” right? And then, by the tender age of 12, she was a Japanese pop star, to boot.

Back then, though, she was just Love Hewitt, which brings an entirely too literal meaning to the lyrics “I’ve changed my face, I’ve changed my name.”

I admit I never watched much “Kids Incorporated” back then, even though I fell pretty squarely into their primo demographic (musical theater and beginner’s jazz!), but now I remember why. This is a pretty uncomfortable video.

(Just for fun, you can also watch Fergie shimmy her way through a slightly sanitized version of “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” over here.)

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  • As a person with no children, I haven’t watched a lot of children’s tv over the years. But it always amazes me when I happen to catch a bit of a children’s show (when I’m in a waiting room or at the house of a friend who has children) how poor quality most of these shows are. Most of them I can’t watch without cringing, especially those Nickelodeon and Disney shows with their “young talents”. Their “acting” is so broad and over the top, I just want to throw up. Do they really think that children really want to watch crap? You could say the ratings prove they do, but I would say they haven’t been given a choice. And don’t get me started on Dora the explorer repeating everything ten times in that high pitched voice. I guess that explains why I never had kids.