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Oprah, Running Away from Things

Photo: Oprah tweeted this photograph of firewalking. There's Tony Robbins!

Check out this photo Oprah tweeted of herself last week (via Celebritology). More specifically, look at her face! Ha ha!

I’m not sure you can altogether make out what’s happening here, so let me just unpack it for you: Oprah is firewalking. (She looks like she’s pretty serious about getting from one end of that carpet of coals to the other, too.) Next to her, in the Madonna headset? That’s famed motivational speaker Tony Robbins, encouraging Oprah to walk harder. Man, I always knew there was something culty about leadership seminars; this just seals it.

Obviously, the photo has blown up on Buzzfeed, birthing an all-new Internet meme, “Oprah Running Away from Things.”

So I just thought I’d toss my hat in the ring and add a few new Photoshops, all while repurposing stories from the past couple days. It’s so topical! So now! Enjoy!

Photoshop: Oprah Running Away from Snooki

Photoshop: Oprah Running Away from Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian

Photoshop: Oprah Running Away from Hugh Grant's babymama, Tinglan Hong

Photoshop: Oprah, fleeing Taylor Swift's kitten

Photo: Oprah and Courtney Stodden

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  • not sure about the kittie or the Asian chick, but the others are hilarious!!! Should photoshop the speaker in the Stodden one – she’s definitely a bit Frankenstein-ish with all that makeup plastered on her face. I mean, there is a face under there somewhere…isn’t there?

  • Ofrah is telling Gayle as she’s running: “You best be gettin’ out da way o my frahhed chickin’ or ahh knock you owt.”