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Oprah Allegedly Tried to Commit Suicide Over This Guy

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Well hell’s bells. You learn something new every day, huh? Apparently, the National Enquirer has an exclusive interview with an ex-boyfriend of Oprah‘s who said she drove her car into a tree back in ’81 after finding out he was married and had kids. From the Enquirer via the Daily Mail:

Oprah Winfrey tried to kill herself in 1981 when she discovered the man she was in love with was married with children, according to reports. The chat show queen was so distraught that she could not be with radio DJ Tim Watts that she drove her car into a tree in an apparent suicide bid. She even wrote a ‘suicide note’ to best friend Gayle King, who put her on a 24/7 watch after she survived the smash.

In his first comments on their relationship, Watts told the National Enquirer that he and Oprah were ‘both young and at an age when people do stupid things they might regret later’. But he insisted that they were now good friends and that they had both put their past behind them.

The Enquirer reported that Watts, now 59, met Oprah, now 57, in 1981 when she was a production assistant at WJZ-TV in Baltimore. He was the man she would have ‘married in a heartbeat’ – until the night she followed him home and discovered he was already married with children. A source told the Enquirer: ‘She was so upset she smashed her car into a tree.’

Hm. So because this douchebag cheated on his wife and kids with another woman, that drove (ha ha) Oprah to smash a car? I’m skeptical. But wait – it gets better. The guy (who is still a DJ or whatever in Baltimore after all this time) says that bygones are bygones:

“Friends are hard to come by so I’ll hold onto the few I have. What happened between me and Oprah took place a long time ago and we have both learned from it. I have no hard feelings towards her and she has none towards me. We were both young and at an age when people do stupid things they might regret later. We both moved on and are at good place in our lives.”

I’m sooo glad that this guy has no hard feelings over the woman he cheated with. I mean, can you imagine the complete and utter relief that Oprah must feel reading these words? She probably woke up a new woman this morning, and gosh. After looking at that guy, wouldn’t you?

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  • Is there any tragedy that hasn’t befallen our beloved heroine Oprah? Drug addiction, check. Sexually molested, check. Suicide attempt, check. This reads like Dante’s version of The secret Life of Walter Mitty. She is, an inspiration to us all…..

  • And people are still stupid enough to watch / buy anything this mental midget produces? Guess PT Barnum was a genius when expounding on how gullible people in general are to charlatans.

    • Though I’m not a huge fan of Oprah (I’ve only seen her show twice in my life and I’ve never bought anything that she promotes just because she promoted it), I don’t understand your logic here. Was in a bad relationship and became an emotional mess = mental midget? I just don’t see the connection. Her business savvy and her intelligence would have nothing to do with this situation…

      • Harriet, if someone tries to kill themselves over a bad relationship, I would tend NOT to listen to ANY advice they may give me, as they have demonstrated a PROFOUND lack of common sense and intelligence. Oprah was 27 at the time she tried to off herself. It’s not like she was 16 or 19 years old.

        Business savvy? Maybe. She was certainly smart enough to fool millions of people that she is wise, when her personal life indicates she is crazy as a loon.

  • Although NOT a huge Oprah fan I do respect her as a business woman and realize she has helped to inspire millions…not certain who leaked the story BUT it’s a shame people have such little respect for the private sufferings of others!

  • he who is without sin – cast the first stone — it is through our failures , mistakes and pain that teaches human frailties – judge me by not what i lack , but what i inspire

  • Ugh, a red flag for dumb is a chick who mindlessly uses the word “douchebag.” Women who mindlessly parrot dudes who use this sexist and all around unimaginative and long expired word need to get a clue. Neeext blog…

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