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Megan Fox is Going to Broadway

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To, like, act. On stage. In a play, I’m assuming, since it’s not a common theme for Broadway theaters to promote crappy independent films that go straight to DVD. According to OTRC:

Megan Fox is set to make her Broadway debut in November, starring alongside a slew of Hollywood celebrities in a production of the hit “24 Hour Plays” project.

The annual fundraiser, produced by the 24 Hour Company and Freestyle Picture Company for Urban Arts Partnership, sees 24 stars teaming up with six writers, six directors, two musical guests and a production staff to produce six plays. A day later, the actors perform them before an audience.

Fox, 25, joins the likes of Sarah Silverman, “Precious” star Gabourey Sidibe, Tracy Morgan and Jack McBrayer of “30 Rock” and “Social Network” actor Jesse Eisenberg, whose participation in the play will also mark their own Broadway debut.

So, OK. Whew. It’s not exactly a real thing, and it’s not too much to even mention, so how about we change the subject, huh? How about we talk about how sweet and chubby Megan’s face has gotten lately, and how much I totally bet it’s due to facial fillers and not all the “weight” that she’s put on recently. I know she’s bending over backwards trying to gain sympathy and admiration from those with an actual body fat percentage, but faking it just isn’t the way.

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What’s the verdict?

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