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Human Rights Watch: Consultants to the Stars!

Photo: Ramzan Kadyrov -- the young one on the left -- sits with Jean-Claude Van Damme and Hilary Swank

In lieu of Hilary Swank‘s recent brouhaha—you remember, the one where she inadvertently attended the birthday of an alleged mass-murderer and war criminal, for money—new services are being unfurled to help celebrities, y’know, avoid that kind of thing.

Gawker has the full report:

How do you know if the guy who paid you six-figures to attend his birthday party in Chechnya is a bloodthirsty madman who tortures for sport? Looking that stuff up—and knowing whether to care about it—is hard. That’s why two non-profits are teaming up to answer the question: Is the oligarch I’m privately entertaining for money a monster?

Global Philanthropy Group and Human Rights Watch have jointly announced the new service, which will come free of charge to any celebrity contemplating that private gig in Kazakhstan.

There you have it, famous people! No more performing for murderous megalomaniacs! You have no excuse! Plus, the service is free!

So the next time a dignitary from some weird nation you’ve never heard of comes a-knockin’, just ask the Human Rights Watch whether the gig is legit. Easy!

Oh, and by the way: Swank’s publicist reportedly ignored repeated calls and emails from the Human Rights Watch before the Ramzan Kadyrov gala ever went down. So the other takeaway, all ye hubristic Oscar-winners, is, freaking stop ignoring the Human Rights Watch. They can only make it so easy for you.

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