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Scarlett Johansson Loves Her Lips, Especially When They Say “M” Words

OH. MY GOD. Is this not the cheesiest video ad you’ve ever seen in your entire life? I mean, yeah, it was supposed to be over-the-top Old Hollywood, but this? Oh man. This is just Bad with a capital B. And was it scripted, or did she come up with all of this smarmy, saccharine BS herself? Those little muscles between my ribcage? Those bitches have a serious hurt on right now, because I just laughed myself into spasms and almost-incontinence.

Seriously, though, I like Scarlett, I do. Mostly when she’s acting in independent films and not trying to be a vapid seductress all of the time. She’s an OK kid. But this commercial or whatever … my goodness, guys. It’s the height of laughability.

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