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Watch This: Betty White Is STILL “Still Hot”

Photo: Betty White, wearing a tracksuit, holding a boombox

You’ve heard the song! You’ve seen the photos! Now watch the music video!

Here’s Betty White, this time in delicious .flv form, in an epic diva-off with English pop star Luciana.

Last time I covered Betty’s version of Luciana’s “I’m Still Hot,” it didn’t occur to me to listen to the lyrics too carefully. Shame on me! The video is for Lifeline, a program that allows you to sell your life insurance policy off in exchange for beaucoup bucks (it’s something only the terminally ill used to be able to do). Wow! And if this video is to be trusted, you can frivol your insurance away on a mountain of pectorally undulating Rocky Horrors and, also, on that velour tracksuit you’ve always wanted. Of course!

Disturbing message aside, this video is really kind of cute.

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  • “Pectorally undulating Rocky Horrors” is the best phrase I’ve ever read in my whole entire life. Can we make you some kind of medal? A plaque, perhaps?