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Listen to This: Betty White Raps, Is “Still Hot”

Photo: Betty White with 'Betty's Boys' on the set of I'm Still Hot

Oh, Betty White. I get the shtick. You’re nearly 90 years old, but you’re still spry, and you always have that mean twinkle in your eye. We all titter anytime you say something lewd in that tinkling, silvery voice of yours.

But actions speak louder than words, madam, and you’ve demonstrated over and over again that you’re “still hot.” We know you are! There’s no need to reassure us!

I guess I just don’t see the benefit in cutting a dance track emphasizing how “hot” Betty White still is. I realize that Ms. White will dutifully promote the ish out of herself, by any means necessary, and making a cameo in Luciana’s dance hit “I’m Still Hot” is one way to widen her appeal.

But “rapping grandma” has been done before, and it’s almost always agist and uncomfortable. I don’t know—something about tricking an old woman into rapping seems exploitive. Is it just me? Have I finally lost my sense of humor? Maybe I can go borrow a new sense of humor from Betty.

Shooting the music video with singer Luciana: