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Love It or Leave It: What Christina Aguilera Wore to the Michael Jackson Tribute Concert

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I’m not even going to spend time criticizing Christina‘s outfit, because it’s not even worth it. The girl has absolutely no regard for choosing flattering outfits, or, an idea that I’m finding is probably more accurate, has stylists that like to make her the butt of jokes on the interwebs. And that hair? Good Lord, son.

The rest of the folks in attendance, folks like sister LaToya, Michael’s kids, Ne-Yo, Leona Lewis, Jamie Foxx and his gigantic penis, Gladys Knight, and Smokey Robinson, just to name a few, all looked pretty great and pretty classy. Jackson’s daughter, Paris, even rocked the ‘Thriller’ jacket, which, to me, is pretty fecking wesome. But Christina Aguilera? Ugh, forget it guys. This woman is over.

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