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More Reasons to Love Anderson Cooper: The Faces He Makes

Did you know that there are people in the world who have never tried coffee? Or spinach? ‘Cause there are. And our boy Anderson Cooper happens to be one of them. I know, I know; you’re probably thinking, “He’s how old and he’s never tried one of the largest-consumed beverages in the world?” I was blown away, too. I mean, I know plenty of people who dislike coffee, but have at least tried it at a younger age than 44.

See, I disagree about his immense dislike of coffee, as I’m a coffee fanatic myself and yes, I do drink it daily, but spinach? Oh my. Spinach probably tops my list of most-hated foods, next to any animal anatomy like liver, tripe and the like.

What foods do you detest? Are you coffee fans? Spinach fans? And probably most importantly, doesn’t Anderson Cooper just make the most wonderful faces?