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6Guess the Celebrity Feet

photo of gross feet sarah jessica parker damaged feet from heels pictures photos picsOK, I know that’s not really a *thing* around here, but maybe it should be, you know? I like feet. Not that I have any kind of weird fetish about them or anything, I just like being able to identify people by their feet, or their shoes. Sometimes, when I’m in a public bathroom stall and there’s someone next to me, I tend to make up stories about the person based solely on what their feet look like. The stories are especially vivid if they’re wearing flip flops or some other kind of open-toed shoe, because then it’s like looking directly into the wormhole of that person’s life, you know? Deep, deep shit.

Jump in to find out who’s rocking the veiny feet!

photo of sarah jessica parker pictures stella mccartney ballet pics photos

Yup, it’s Sarah Jessica Parker! SO GLAD I don’t wear heels, let alone shoes or socks, really ever, because according to experts, this is a direct result of years of stiletto wear. Or maybe it’s just God’s way of punishing a woman for wasting so much time hating her husband when DUH that’s why he invented divorce.

September 26, 2011 at 7:30 am by Sarah

6 Responses to “Guess the Celebrity Feet”

  1. lala says:

    oh god,no. this is disgusting. whyyyyyyyy?! this is worse than a really,really old obese person wearing a thong on the beach.

  2. esa says:

    She has veiny hands too. I think it’s more genetic or because she weighs 80 lbs, not because of wearing high heels…

    • Harriet Meadow says:

      Agreed. The heels can’t explain it because her hands are bad, too. Oh, the best thing is that I’m pretty sure they CGI’ed her hands in the SATC 2 movie to make them look less veiny…

  3. ltc says:

    Her hands are a fear of mine. I often look at my hands and hope they never look like hers… so it makes sense her feet would look the exact same. She still has a crazy fit stomach and nice arms though.

  4. Señor Loco says:

    Usually when you see feet like this it’s in a convalescent home and next to them is a clear plastic bag filled with yellow colored liquid. Somebody put some boots on this biotch — she’s scaring her children away with them dawgs!

  5. blasted1 says:

    Oh, damn! I guessed Pam Anderson! Oh, well…I’m very old school here and I would like to know why EVERYBODY has stopped wearing pantyhose! A pair of No Nonsense or Hanes would’ve covered up the problem.

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