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Oh, Hello There, Matthew Perry and Lizzy Caplan

A photo of Matt Perry and Lizzy Caplan at the US Open on Thursday

Ever discover that two of your acquaintances are dating? Have you had this happen? And you’re like, “Oh, wow. That’s so random. I didn’t realize they even knew each other.”

And for a moment you catch yourself wrinkling your nose at this new information, because he’s a busboy and she’s in HR, and he has tattoos and she wears suits. But then your brain’s motor starts whirring, and you think, “Well, they do both listen to a lot of NPR. And I’ve heard them each talk, separately, about how much they like Community.”

And then you really start putting it all together, and you slowly realize they both have a lot of the same weird tics and mannerisms, and you’re like, “Why, how did I never think of it! That’s the greatest pairing in the history of humankind!”

Introducing Matthew Perry and Lizzy Caplan! Wow. Just, wow. Can you imagine going on a double-date with this couple? Can you imagine how wry they both are? And you’d sit across from them at dinner, frowning all night. And finally you’d go, “Are you two kidding? Just now, was that some kind of a joke? Because my sarcast-o-meter is going off-the-charts, but I can’t process any of this.”

Mind-blowing! Yeah, they’re my new favorite pair.

Pictured: Chandler Bing and Casey Klein at the US Open; image via Celebuzz.

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