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Adele Is Probably Going to Do The Next James Bond Theme

A photo of Adele

I know, right? It’s like, what can’t this girl do? She’ll bake cupcakes for her fans, say beautiful words about fellow musicians, all while being known as one of the most talented and popular singers in the whole world. Oh, and did I mention that she’s too adorable for words?

Well, in addition to all that, it looks like Adele will be singing the theme for the latest James Bond movie. Maybe:

The ‘Set Fire To The Rain’ singer let slip on the first edition of The Jonathan Ross Show that her next musical project would be a “theme”, later becoming embarrassed when the 50-year-old host proceeded to reference the iconic spy series.

“I’m going back in the studio in November, fingers crossed,” she stated. “Well, this is actually a theme, what I’ve got to do. Wow, that’s really giving something away.”

Blushing as Ross started humming the opening tune to previous James Bond installments, Adele added: “No. It’s a concept. One song.”

It’s not like I’ve ever seen a James Bond movie in my life, but this sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it?  Are any of you going to flail over this or anything?

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  • You’ve never seen a Bond movie? Auuuggghh! You need a LOT of training… or, education… or.. re-education… or some dang thing.

    This is painful…..

    But hey, yes, absolutely great for Adele, as I’m a long time fan.

  • I deeply dislike her since she complained about having to pay taxes. Her reasoning was, if she doesn’t go to state hospitals, or takes the underground, or rides public buses, why does she have to pay for them? I thought that was so horribly selfish, so egotist, I will never like her.

    • I, on the other hand, realize that she’s 23 for starters.

      Secondly, she’s right to question taxes. Socialist systems are broken and governments are the worst holders of money.

      That being said, someone might need to explain to her that some systems require taxation in order to have a decent society. But, governments often overdo this and provide too much at the expense of those that work.

      The effect, of course, is that eventually everyone either moves (as a number of English stars have done) to avoid taxes or sits down (if they’re more toward the middle of the spectrum). Why work for someone else when someone else can work for you?

      Then, of course, almost everyone sits down because there isn’t a reason to work any longer. Fewer work and they get taxed more to make the system function. Finally, the system either fails (as in Greece) or they bring out the stick (as in Germany).

      Remember, that entitlement programs (as opposed to other taxes) reward those that don’t work and are MORE selfish (not to mention dreadfully wasteful of resources) than working for a living.

      (And I find it really weird that this comment didn’t pass a spam filter. What word in this caused it to trigger?)

  • You have never… uh. Really?

    Well, that puts you outside a good chunk of American Culture and as someone that blogs about that stuff you need to go see a few. (Like a dozen.)

    I’d also recommend Ian Fleming’s books. He has 14 in the original series and a good number of writers have picked up the series after him.

    Man. That’s like saying: I’ve never seen an original episode of Star Trek. Or I don’t know about this Star Wars stuff.

    James Bond and crew are just one of those Americana things you have to know about.