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Love It or Leave It: Stripey Friday Fun With Jennifer Love Hewitt

photo of jennifer love hewitt at movie premiere pictures photos pics

What can I say, Jennifer Love Hewitt looks like she’s becoming quite the staple around here. I know a lot of you guys have no idea what I see in JLH, and up until a few months ago, I, too, would have shaken myself hard and said, “Girl, what is your deal? Bitch hasn’t been popular since I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, and dating Jamie Kennedy was probably the nail that sealed her coffin up.” But I disagree. I think she’s on the rise again, and lately, there’s nothing I love better than to stargaze at Jennifer Love Hewitt and wax poetic about her lovely attire.

Except for this. Oh never this.

Weigh in folks – love it, leave it, what?

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