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Guess What? NO ILLEGAL DRUGS in Amy Winehouse’s System at Time of Death.

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Are you counting yourself among those called “surprised”? I’m actually too sad to even classify myself these days. I know most people would think it’s just as upsetting to find out that Amy actually did die of a drug overdose, because addiction is a big, bastard beast, but I’m finding it morbid in a very ironic sense that Amy was trying to get her life back in order and still this happened.

According to Amy’s family:

Toxicology tests have found that “no illegal substances” were in singer Amy Winehouse’s system at the time of her death last month, her family said Tuesday.

“Results indicate that alcohol was present but it cannot be determined as yet if it played a role in her death,” the family said in a written statement, citing test results provided to them by authorities.

I’m seriously bummed about this whole thing. I don’t think I can even talk about it anymore.

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  • The key word being “ILLEGAL”. She could have still abused legal drugs.
    Dont hate – someone had to say it.

    • I was thinking the same thing, unfortunately. People overdose (intentionally or not) on prescription medication every day.

  • I am very happy to have read that ,especially for someone who was in deep struggle w/a terrible problem …my blessings go to her family .and I hope they find some comfort in knowing that…
    Psalm 23~~~~~~