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What’s True About Amy Winehouse’s Death So Far

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When I said the other day that I was crushed by Amy’s death, I wasn’t lying. Ever since ‘Frank’ came out in 2003, I’ve been a huge, fan of girl’s music. I positively hated the drugs and the alcoholism and the way that it changed her work, and the life that could have been hers, and though her passing is totally not surprising at all, it doesn’t lessen the sting a bit.  That part seems to be apparent for a lot of people.

Here’s the latest that we know about the circumstances surrounding Amy’s death:

Amy saw a doctor within 24 hours of her death, who had given her a clean bill of health.
The doctor claims that Amy had been in fragile health for the past few months, but he was pleased at her recent progress during his last visit.

Amy was found in bed by a bodyguard.
Amy was said to be tired, and notified her bodyguard that she was going to go in a take a nap around 10 AM on Saturday morning. When the bodyguard went in some time later to check on her, he found her dead. Investigators claim, because of the condition of her body, she may have been dead for “hours.”

Ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil had the audacity to release a statement about Amy’s demise.
Fielder-Civil, who some of you might consider to be the catalyst to spurn Amy’s gradual downfall, claims that he’s inconsolable. In a statement, Amy’s ex-husband says, upon notification that Amy had passed away, he “collapsed.” From prison, Blake said:

“I will never ever again feel the love I felt for her. Everybody who knew me and knew Amy knew the depth of our love. I can’t believe she’s dead.”

Upon a search of the home, there were no drugs present.
Though reports claim that Amy had been buying drugs (specifically ketamine and ecstasy) the night before she died, sources state that she’d been home the entire twenty-four hours before, watching videos with her bodyguard/friend.

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  • you can think about blake what you want but i really believe that he and amy loved each other literally more than life itself.
    i once had a boyfriend who was on drugs ( i didn’t know that when we met) and he is still the one person i ever was truly in love with.
    junkies aren’t just junkies. a lot of them are incredibly talented, sensible,funny and sweet human beings. i could do nothing to help that boy and years later i still feel guilty sometimes, although i’m sure i would be dead by now if i had stayed with him.
    drugs are just the worst thing ever and people should not be so judgemental about her family and friends “not helping her”. some users just can’t be saved and it is heartbreaking and so fucking sad.

  • i love my ex-junkie boyfriend. he’s got all the heart and pain you could ever need to be in love. addiction is powerful, and sharing that creates bonds you can’t even imagine. i agree with lala.

  • I read Amy’s Winehouse tweet on Feb 6 2010…One is not the loneliest number 23;254 is….
    If you look at it…. she passed on the 23 and if you add 254 it equals 11…July 23, 2011….SOOO SAD:( RIP