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‘Final Destination 5’: It’s Pretty Gross

The other day, I watched this comprehensive Final Destination death reel. By the way: it is Not Safe For Work, nor is it Safe For Life. (Trust me—it makes a lasting impression.)

I have a confession to make: I’ve never, ever seen a Final Destination movie. (I know! I’m a total a-hole! Earlier today, I said I like horror movies! And last week, I even suggested you watch a Final Destination -themed music video!)

The problem is, I’m a hypochondriac. Also, God is trying to kill me. I’m convinced. So it’s those two things—hypochondria and God—that are keeping me from enjoying the Final Destination series. I am way too neurotic to enjoy these movies, if that makes sense. Shh, let’s not talk about this anymore—after all, today is my birthday. (I cannot mention this enough.)

Nonetheless, the Hollywood Reporter just published this super-fun interview with Final Destination 5 director Steven Quale and producer Craig Perry:

THR: This one feels pretty gory. Is that something you wanted to ratchet up?

Steven Quale: Well, on screen time, it’s probably less gory than the others, but it was more impactful [sic] because we built the suspense and teased the audience and then hit them really hard with the gore. Then it feels more horrific than if you had it at a normal, steady state. So that is the difference. Actually, having less of the scenes with the gore and then when you get it, after, say, the squirming close-up that you have in the gymnastics scene, really causes the perception that it is horrific and shocking.

THR: You up for a sixth one?

Craig Perry: That is entirely up to audiences to decide. You know, we had so much fun making this one, it was creatively reenergizing, that we feel, if we get the opportunity, if the audience responds, we would love another chance to try and master the movie.

LISTEN, EXECUTIVE PRODUCER CRAIG PERRY. It is way too soon to be talking about a sixth Final Destination movie. The people who watch these movies are some kind of freaky masochists, and I’ve got news for them, too: Devon Sawa is not coming back, OK? His character is gone, gone, gone! (At least, I assume his character is gone—again, this is a guess, because I will never watch a Final Destination movie through to its conclusion.)

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  • I watched it, couldn’t look away, now I’ll have nightmares I’m sure. I don’t know why I do it to myself. Last week a good friend (bitch, I hate you for that but that’s why you did it!) introduced me to a site called People You’ll See In Hell. Reading a few stories was enough for me. Well, that night my husband was on nights and I couldn’t sleep. ALL NIGHT. Reliving those stories of horrible people doing horrendous things to women, children and anyone unable to defend themselves. I fucking felt like someone was going to bybass my alarm, break in and fucking torture me before murdering me. My husband likes watching the FD movies, I make him watch ’em in the garage. Ok, sorry, rambled on enough!

  • Just wanted to add that I LOVE scary movies and the FD ones ain’t scary at all. Just gory shock cheesiness!