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There Were a Lot of Attractive Folks at the Crazy, Stupid Love Premiere

photo of steven baldwin pictures photos crazy stupid love premiere photos

There really were. Well, with the exception of the swole-faced, purse-lipped Stephen Baldwin. Didn’t he used to be the hot one? Was he the one in Flatliners? Nope, crap, that was William Baldwin. This is what he looks like these days:

photo of william baldwin pictures 2011 photo

See? Not bad, right? Still pretty good. Better than Alec (who I definitely had a crush on in Beetlejuice) anyway, and way better than that creepy, creepy Stephen Baldwin.

Anyway. I didn’t intend for this post to turn out all about the Baldwins, baby, but I guess the urge just wins sometimes.

Check out the photos for Crazy, Stupid Love featuring the adorable Emma Stone and the luscious Ryan Gosling.

Billy Baldwin image courtesy of Contact Music

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