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Wouldn’t You Just Love to See Emma Watson in A Fat Suit?

A photo of Emma Watson

Other people would love to see Emma Watson in a fat suit, right? Oh, please don’t let this just be me, I don’t want to get some weird fetishist label. To clarify, this isn’t something I’ve been daydreaming about when I think about how lovely Emma is or anything. This is a desire that just came on suddenly, right after I read that in this last movie, we’re actually going to see it.

Here’s Emma discussing the filming of the infamous Deathly Hallows epilogue:

It was really interesting and challenging. The thing that was hardest was trying to imagine that I had children that I was sending off to school. That was really strange. And it was weird that I was seeing these guys that I’d grown up with suddenly looking old. But it was fun. It felt nice to do that scene, but it really felt as if we had completed that journey fully as we possibly could. We had makeup on. I had, like, a little fat suit that changed my figure a little — it changed the shape of my body a little. And I had a wig and teeth in. It wasn’t as scary as I thought it was going to be. I thought it was really going to freak me out.

I can barely stand the wait to see Deathly Hallows this Thursday, but knowing that I’m going to get to see Hermione all bogged down with the baby weight from little Rosie and Hugo? Man, this is almost going to be TOO wonderful.

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