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Beliebers, You Better Get It Together

A photo of Justin Bieber on Vanity Fair

I’m really very disappointed in you, Beliebers. Do you know what you let happen? Your personal Lord and Saviour, Justin Bieber, was in Vanity Fair back in January, and you know what? His issue was the worst selling issue in twelve whole years. TWELVE YEARS. That’s longer than some of you have been alive.

And honestly, how do you think this makes Justin feel? Do you think this doesn’t cut him like a knife, because newsflash, IT DOES. Justin is a very tender person, and I’m sure that knowing that he failed so miserably on the cover of Vanity Fair doesn’t feel very good. In fact, I’m sure it feels bad. I bet Justin is crying on Selena’s shoulder as we speak. Is that what you wanted?!

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