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Love It or Leave It: Emma Watson Slicks Her Hair Back

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This girl. is so. cute. Seriously. That jumping-yelling picture down below? Probably one of the more adorable things I’ve seen this week. With regard to the “love it or leave it” thing, definitely love it. I’d never leave it. It’s Hermione-frigging-Granger, for crying out loud. Though she probably laments the fact that she’s probably always going to be little Hermione Granger to me (and a lot of others too), it’s a good thing, a wholesome thing.

Please Emma, promise me: no nipslips or glaring upskirts ever. Do we have an agreement?

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  • This girl has class. I agree. I hope she never has a nip-slip, crotch shot, or anything demeaning published. The world needs some dignity in it.

  • She’s gorgeous and classy, but her hair is looking horrid. A bit like a cow licked it.

  • I personally adore Emma Watson, but I feel j must mention that she has had both a nipslip and an upskirt previously, and as I recall the upskirt was even posted on this website? She was wearing transparent underwear. No matter how many people who’ve met her irl say she’s a total bitch or how many people say she cant act at all, I can’t help but think of her as a hugely classy, beautiful woman! Go Emma!

  • She is so cute! Not sexual cute, more like a kitten cute. Adorable would be a good word for her.

  • Am I the only person who notices a Macaully Culkin similarity with her hair looking like that?

  • She looks like a character from Mad Men but somehow it works for her. She is ugly on film but looks good enough with that do to garner a 7. Way to go for her.

    • I agree, I do not like the licked look, or even her short hair! I loved her with “LONG LOCKS” I hope she grows it back SOON!!!!

  • ehh, I still think she’s prettier with longer hair. And that picture with her hand on her waist, looks small. I don’t like that angle or how she has her arm… creepy

  • She is hot. I knew her as a young girl on the “Harry Potter” movie series. Now, she is a real babe. She should play in a movie as a sex symbol (e.g. stripper, etc.).

  • It’s “DYKE”. And no she isn’t. She is gorgeous, whatever she does with her hair. It’s like a grouchy bunch of fairies in here. We may be past our prime, but she deserves to have as much fun, and experiment as much as she cares to. She is young!

    She DID earn it. BTW, Avalon… if you care to, you can find plenty of photos of her where she looks decidedly NOT like a “twelve year old boy”. Nice cleavage for a little boy, if you look.