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Love It or Leave It: Alec Baldwin Channels, I Don’t Know, Don Henley or Someone

photo of russell brand and alec baldwin pictures photos

Is it Don Henley, is that who I’m thinking of? Or is it some mixed-up cousin of El Guapo (or did your lame ass never see The Three Amigos)?

Anyway, Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand were photographed and subsequently Tweet bombed by movie director Adam Shankman for Rock of Ages, the very flick that the two currently have in production, and this was the result.

Also, is anyone else seriously creeped out by Russell Brand like I am, by the way? Am I the only one who peers at him uncertainly and reminded of a weird old mothball-and-gin-smelling auntie, what with his lank black locks, rather perky and effeminate button nose, and his livery lips?

More importantly, I suppose – if you had to pick one, who’d you bang: Russell Brand or Alec Baldwin?

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  • I’m with you Russell Brand is creepy. He looks like the type of person who wold have made pervy phone calls to his best friends girlfriends before caller ID. He ooks me out.

    And am I the only one out there who thinks that NO ONE in their right minds is going to see this train wreck of a film? I haven’t the musical on which this is based.. BUT.. I have seen photos of the Broadway cast(s). It SURE looks like everyone they got for the film is 20 years OLDER than the folks in the Broadway casts are. Are they actually trying to make this REALLY bad and campy?

  • Yeah he’s creepy all right but I think he was born to play Captain Hook. Can someone go ahead and make that happen please thanks so much

  • I kept having to double check the heading because I was positive that this was a picture of Russell Brand with Billy Ray Cyrus (a slightly face chunky Billy Ray, but I couldn’t shake it).

  • during the day, alec – a quickie around lunch. at night, russell – after drinks and the whole night ahead.

  • alec for sure, russell looks like a total fucking weirdo with those glasses and that lolli