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Can Someone Please Explain Beyonce’s New Video to Me?

Let me open up with my views on Beyonce as an artist, so maybe you can get a better feel of where I’m coming from. Much like Southern Comfort and applying glitter to strangers, I feel that Beyonce is only truly appropriate at the gay bar. That’s not saying I’ve never listened to “Halo” alone at home and cried or that I don’t demand that one of my exceptionally talented friends do the “Single Ladies” dance every single time I see him, it just means that she’s not my jam, all right, and that’s ok. But then, last night, several of my more fabulous friends couldn’t stop posting this here music video, “Run the World,” on Facebook, along with comments like “the queen has slayed!” and “I love my wife!”  But you guys, I don’t get it.

I know she’s an amazing dancer and I know she’s really attractive, but is this song/video really all that phenomenal? Can one of you school me in Beyonce here?

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  • Looks like she’s the rallying call at the start of the Slut Walk.

    I know what my mum would say:’All very empowering, but they have to do it in their underwear?’

  • It’s like she’s channeling Tina Turner and Mad Max all at once. She is definitely an artist that takes inspiration from strong women who have come before her. I love it! She’s fierce! Also, it’s a music video, so it’s kinda expected to be over the top. Beyonce is fantastic in so many ways. More, please!

  • Oh couldn’t agree more. Great dancer – but I think Janet J surpassed her as far as choreography. And Halo? Puhleeze…that is the MOST tuneless song ever. I just heard it this morning and i really felt the world has gone mad if that’s a hit.

  • That song is almost annoying as Whip My Hair. SHUT the hell up!
    Beyonce’s gorgeous though, but HATE the song!

  • dude. whatever. bitch killed that shit. the last minute and a half, omg she put more bounce ta the ounce. who runs the world? yeah. thats right. thought ya knew?

  • Sort of like she is channeling Janet Jackson thru Missy Elliot. I like it but it feels familiar. Love the tap steps.

    And speaking Missy Elliot… where the hell is she? I miss her

  • Her dancing is awesome in it. It’s a fun song. The costuming is pretty.

    If you don’t like it, that’s fine. You pretty much explained why you wouldn’t like it in the first few sentences of this post.

    I’m not a huge B fan, but this is definitely a good video. Few entertainers today invest so much in a music video ( besides
    Gaga or The Black Eyed Peas) and it’s refreshing to see her back.

  • I’m pretty sure what she’s trying to say is, while men are a part of the world, it is the women, or the “girls” who actually run it. I guess what she should have said is that they ‘maintain it’. Because even though they have to be in the sand and under overpasses, they still have their dancing and lipstick to make it pretty and whatnot.