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Lindsay Lohan Out of Control, Drunk, Partying and Trying to Break Stuff

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According to sources at Radar Online, Lindsay Lohan was actually PHOTOGRAPHED being a disgusting, drunken, bitchy mess on Sunday night. The natural succession of the evening designated that Lindsay tried to break the photographer’s arm in order to avoid being snapped, and after the photo was taken, and Lindsay failed at being all aggressive, a friend of Lindsay’s intervened and tried to destroy the camera herself:

[After the photo was taken] someone in Lohan’s entourage reportedly grabbed the Nikon point-and-shoot camera from the hands of the fan and dumped it into a bucket of ice used to chill booze bottles.

“We didn’t press charges because we thought it was funny at first. We all were drunk. But then we figured out when we got home that the camera was broken because water seeped in. The memory card, though, was still good.”

You can check the photo out on Radar Online’s site.

Why, though, were the eyewitnesses so keen on getting a picture of Lindsay? Well it sure as fuck wasn’t because she’s, like, a way sought-after celebrity these days – it was because she was LOADED:

“Lindsay appeared to be ‘belligerently drunk,’” the source said. “She and her people were doing shots of something all night. She looked like she was falling all over the place. She was being stupid. When she grabbed my friend’s wrist, another woman who was with Lindsay grabbed the camera. She kept saying ‘I need that camera’ over and over again. So the woman got it and sunk it into  the ice buket (sic).”

Keep in mind, guys, this is the same Lindsay Lohan who appeared on Leno not that long ago and cried for public sympathy, saying she was sorry, made her mistakes, and was ready to move on.  The only thing I’m sympathetic toward? The unsuspecting patrons that happen to be frequenting the same bar as Lindsay on any given night.  It’s apparent that she’s one everyone’s referring to when they yell ‘Who brought the asshole?’

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  • I’m 22, almost the same age as her and I have to say that it really bothers me that people are so nasty about all of this. I KNOW THIS IS A GOSSIPBLOG, but its the same as it is with Miley Cyrus…they are just behaving like most girls their age would do if they had so much money and this much popularity. And please, dear reader, don’t give me the crap about how responsible YOU were when you were this age. Maybe she really is sorry? Maybe she isn’t a strong enough person to say “no” when all of her friends keep on partying and drinking and doing drugs? I now how hard this can be for a “normal” person, but how hard must it be when there’s so much pressure from the media and all those people who give you shit even when you’re trying to do the right thing. But maybe she really is just another obnoxious rich bitch that can keep her shit together.

  • She’s not really doing anything in the photo. She’s just chilling with a group of people at a bar. There’s not even a drink in her hand.

  • this photo is from like what? a month ago. its on superficial and evilbeet. she said she was laughing and fell down. old pic, old news, old hag. lol.