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Jesse James is SO Blasé About the Whole ‘Ruining His Marriage’ Thing

Jesse James Cries In Nightline Interview

Jesse James is continuing to run his mouth about the demise of his marriage to Sandra Bullock and man, I want to punch this dude in the face. Just last week he was saying that Sandy sucked in bed compared to his gross, diseased-looking lover and now he’s saying that the whole “sleeping with porn stars behind his wife’s back” thing wasn’t even that big of a deal because tons of guys are doing the same thing.

Jesse told Men’s Journal, “I never shied away from anything I did. I took full responsibility. I cheated on my wife. Guess what? So do millions of other men. To be honest, it was unfair for me to even be in a relationship. I sabotaged everything. I was never 100 percent in. I’m self-destructive. I made some seriously fucked-up choices.”

Wow, what a mature statement founded in great wisdom. Really fantastic stuff. Ready for another quote from the interview? When asked about his choice to check into rehab shortly after the news of his infidelity broke, he said, “I was an animal in a cage. I needed to escape before I cracked up or did something really stupid. I don’t know why I went. I just needed help. I went in thinking, ‘All these people in this place? They are really fucked-up.’ I figured out pretty fast I was the fucked-up one. I realized I was addicted to anger. And it was going to be up to me to straighten my shit out.”

Addicted to anger? More like he’s addicted to anger and apparently, foul language.

I guess a part of me is willing to admit that this whole interview could have been a lot worse in terms of him taking ownership of his actions, but unlike Jesse, I have not gone to rehab for “anger.” I remain very angry at him for his dickhead behavior.

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  • “Addicted to foul language”? Um, isn’t that kinda like the pot calling the kettle black, lady? Your posts are repeatedly littered with superfluous profanity and statements like, “I want to punch this dude in the face.” Your site is written by women who come across as high school gossipers. Jesus…grow up and quit criticizing people for things you do ALL the time! Hypocrisy; find it in Webster’s!